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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 34

1 What is the most common sequence of tourism development in developing countries ?
1 Domestic tourism followed by inbound tourism.
2 Concurrent development of domestic and inbound tourism.
3 Inbound tourism followed by domestic tourism.
4 Inbound religious tourism followed by domestic tourism.

Answer:Inbound tourism followed by domestic tourism.
2 Which is known as the top most marketing destination for medical tourism in India ?
1 All India Institute of Medical Sciences
2 Indra Prastha Apollo Hospital
3 Safdar Jung Hospital
4 Sir Gangaram Hospital

Answer:Indra Prastha Apollo Hospital
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3 The days of religious practices were termed as
1 Holidays
2 Holydays
3 Happy days
4 Healing days

4 One of the following is a factor that turned holydays to holidays
1 Public activities turning to pleasure from prayer
2 Romans celebrating Saturnalia
3 International Labour Organization Convention
4 Mass Movement of People

Answer:Public activities turning to pleasure from prayer
5 Which among the following evolved to annual holiday ?
1 Holiday
2 Holyday
3 Paid holiday
4 Free day

Answer:Paid holiday
6 The passage can be given the title of
1 History of Holydays
2 History of Free days
3 History of Secular days
4 History of Holidays

Answer:History of Holidays
7 Setting a high price when the market is price ā€“ insensitive is referred as
1 Prestige-pricing
2 Market-skimming pricing
3 Market-penetration pricing
4 Discriminatory pricing

Answer:Market-skimming pricing
8 Name the type of the tour where an organiser accompanies the group for arrangements :
1 Executive Tour
2 Entertainer Tour
3 Escorted Tour
4 Extra-costed Tour

Answer:Escorted Tour
9 When integration occurs between companies offering complementary rather than competitive products, it is known as
1 Horizontal integration
2 Forward integration
3 Backward integration
4 Concentric diversification

Answer: Horizontal integration
10 When buyers are divided into groups on their knowledge, attitude and use on response to a product, it is known as
1 Behavioural market segmentation
2 Psychographic market segmentation
3 Geographic market segmentation
4 Demographic market segmentation

Answer: Behavioural market segmentation
11 Which of the following drives is not a part of McClellandā€™s theory of motivation ?
1 Need for Enrichment
2 Need for Achievement
3 Need for Power
4 Need for Affiliation

Answer:Need for Enrichment
12 Service providers communicating their level of service through their pricing is termed as
1 Market Segmentation
2 Market Targeting
3 Market Tracking
4 Market Positioning

Answer:Market Positioning
13 The flagship of ITDC hotels is
1 the Brahmputra Ashok
2 the Ashok, Delhi
3 the Kalinga Ashok
4 the Pataliputra Ashok

Answer: the Ashok, Delhi
14 What is the difference between a bar chart and a histogram ?
1 A histogram does not show the entire range of scores in a distribution.
2 Bar chart is circular where as histogram is square.
3 There are no gaps between the bars on a histogram.
4 Bar charts represent numbers, where as histograms represent percentage.

Answer:There are no gaps between the bars on a histogram.
15 Suez Canal links the following two Seas :
1 Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
2 Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
3 Mediterranean and Red Seas
4 Pacific and Southern Oceans

Answer:Mediterranean and Red Seas

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