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Women Studies Objective Questions and Answers | Women Studies MCQs | Test Set 41

1 Feminization of poverty is related to the fact that :

i. Poverty is restricted to women only.

ii. Women are more negatively affected by poverty.

iii. Women and men experience poverty and its effect in different ways.

iv. Economic globalization is one of the causes.

Codes :
1 i, ii and iii are correct.
2 ii, iii and iv are correct.
3 i and ii are correct.
4 ii and iv are correct.

Answer: ii, iii and iv are correct.
2 Who is current Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Empowerment of Women (2014) ?
1 Najma Heptullah
2 Sumitra Mahajan
3 Meenakshi Lekhi
4 Smt. Bijoya Chakravarty

Answer: Smt. Bijoya Chakravarty
3 As per NSSO reports in 2011-12, the Female Workforce Participation Rate in Urban Usual Status (UPSS) and Urban Principal Status (UPS) is
1 15.1 (UPSS) and 12 (UPS).
2 13.9 (UPSS) and 11.7 (UPS).
3 16.6 (UPSS) and 13.5 (UPS).
4 14.7 (UPSS) and 12.5 (UPS).

Answer: 14.7 (UPSS) and 12.5 (UPS).
4 India’s rank as per World Economic Forum (2014) in Educational Attainment is
1 128
2 134
3 141
4 126

Answer: 126
5 Relative contributions of CO2, CH4, CFCs and N2O towards global warming are :
1 50 %, 30 %, 10 % and 10 % respectively
2 60 %, 20 %, 14 % and 6 % respectively
3 40 %, 30 %, 20 % and 10 % respectively
4 10 %, 50 %, 30 % and 10 % respectively

Answer: 60 %, 20 %, 14 % and 6 % respectively
6 Among the following which is not related to third wave feminism ?
1 Queer Theory.
2 Defending Sex Work.
3 Abolishing Gender Roles.
4 Suffrage Movement.

Answer: Suffrage Movement
7 Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyaan has been launched by which Ministry ?
1 Human Resource Development
2 Ministry of Women and Child Development
3 Social Justice
4 Tribal Affairs

Answer: Ministry of Women and Child Development
8 Which of the following is correct about Liberal Feminists ?
1 They maximise male/female difference but stress disparities in power, especially male dominance ; focus on sexuality and sexual relations as key to patriarchal oppression; seek to use law to help women “take control of their own bodies”.
2 They maximise male/female difference, stress the positive value of women’s ‘different voice’ and emphasize the importance of incorporating this into the legal system; seek to recover and revalue women’s culture, especially maternal values.
3 They focus on individual rights and autonomy; minimise male/female difference; emphasize on equality of opportunity and promote strategies that tear down barriers, seek to extend to women the individual rights gained by men.
4 They focus on material conditions and how these create oppressive societal structures, particularly class; emphasize effort to reform communities and institutions; stress social relations and responsibilities more than individual rights.

Answer: They focus on individual rights and autonomy; minimise male/female difference; emphasize on equality of opportunity and promote strategies that tear down barriers, seek to extend to women the individual rights gained by men.
9 Who made the following statement : “Patriarchy is a system of social structures and practices in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women” ?
1 Kamla Bhasin
2 Gerda Lerner
3 Sylvia Walby
4 Heidi Hartmann

Answer: Sylvia Walby
10 The values of patriarchy are all pervasive due to the process of :
1 Subordination
2 Sanskritization
3 Socialization
4 Liberalization

Answer: Socialization
11 Which is/are the functions of caste system ?

i. It provides socio-cultural milieu the individuals.

ii. It denies mobility of labour.

iii. It integrates people for power.

iv. It works for upward mobility of women.

Codes :
1 i, ii and iii
2 iii and iv only
3 ii, iii and iv
4 i only

Answer: i, ii, iii and iv
12 To implement a national health policy of “prevention, not intervention” would require ______.

i. eliminating disabling environments and reducing the use of harmful drugs

ii. a fundamental change in the philosophy of the medical establishment

iii. a change in the public’s attitudes towards medicine and healthcare

iv. a market for the obsolete pharmaceuticals

Codes :
1 i, ii and iii only
2 ii, iii and iv only
3 i, iii and iv only
4 ii and iv only

Answer: i, ii and iii only
13 The First Generation of Human Rights are fundamentally
1 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
2 Civil and Political Rights
3 Fraternity / Solidarity Rights
4 Environmental Rights

Answer: Civil and Political Rights
14 Which of the following proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN Open Working Group on SDGs relates to “Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls Everywhere” ?
1 Goal 2
2 Goal 3
3 Goal 5
4 Goal 7

Answer: Goal 5
15 The concept of ‘Rights as trumps’ that sets a limit on state action was propagated by
1 Hohfield
2 John Rawls
3 Ronald Dworkin
4 Laski

Answer: Ronald Dworkin

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