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Women Studies Objective Questions and Answers | Women Studies MCQs | Test Set 43

1 Who said the following ?

“Gender refers to a whole set of expectations held as to the likely behaviour, characteristics, and aptitudes men and women will have. It refers to the social meanings given to being a man or woman in a given society”.

1 Rosemarie Toug
2 Kate Young
3 Shulamith Firestone
4 Kate Millett

Answer: Kate Young
2 Who said the following :

“Women are not powerless because they are feminine, rather they are feminine because they are powerless, because it is a way of dealing with the requirements of subordination”.

1 Kathy E. Ferguson
2 Sherry Ortner
3 Martha C. Nussbaum
4 Kathlen Staudt

Answer: Kathy E. Ferguson


3 Who had coined the term ‘Third Wave Feminism’ ?
1 Alice Walker
2 Rebecca Walker
3 Jane Adams
4 Mary Richmond

Answer: Rebecca Walker
4 Who said the following ?

“The language of a particular culture does not serve all its speakers equally, for not all speakers contribute in an equal fashion to its formulation. Women are not as free or as able as men are to say what they wish, because the words and the norms for their use have been formulated by the dominant group, men”.

1 Edwin Ardener
2 Cheris Kramarae
3 Gerdrin
4 Catherine Mackinnon

Answer: Cheris Kramarae
5 Which form of feminism is most committed to challenging the essentialist nature of the category ‘women’ ?
1 Radical
2 Post Modern
3 Socialist
4 Liberal

Answer: Post Modern
6 Which approach of feminism concentrated on rights only in public sphere and neglected the need for equity of freedom and regard in home life ?
1 Liberal Feminism.
2 Radical Feminism.
3 Socialist Feminism.
4 Maxist Feminism.

Answer: Liberal Feminism
7 The Chameli Devi Award is given to an outstanding woman who is a ?
1 Vocalist
2 Lawyer
3 Journalist
4 Scientist

Answer: Journalist
8 Which of the following has formally started a complaints cell to deal with the issues related to the “Indian Women Deserted by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) Husbands with the support of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs in 2009 ?
1 Human Rights Commission
2 National Commission for Women
3 National Minorities Commission
4 Rashtriya Mahila Kosh

Answer: National Commission for Women.
9 As per the Global Hunger Index (2008) which one of the following states falling in extremely alarming categories :
1 Madhya Pradesh.
2 Andhra Pradesh.
3 Uttar Pradesh.
4 Kerala.

Answer: Madhya Pradesh.
10 In Social Research which type of following approaches does focus on the disadvantaged subjects to define their problems, define the remedies, designing the research that will help them to realize their aims ?
1 Survey Research
2 Feminist Research
3 Participatory Action Research
4 Qualitative Research

Answer: Participatory Action Research
11 Which among the following Union Territories has the highest percentage of Female-headed households ? (2011)
1 Andaman and Nicobar
2 Delhi
3 Lakshadweep
4 Puducherry

Answer: Lakshadweep
12 Who is not a Post-modern Feminist ?
1 Julia Kristena
2 Heléne Cixons
3 Mary Daly
4 Luce Irrigray

Answer: Mary Daly
13 In 2012, along with the V-Day movement ‘One Bullion Rising’, a global protest campaign to end violence, and promote justice and gender equality for women was created by
1 Shiri Ensler
2 Whoopi Goldberg
3 Eve Ensler
4 Jane Ballop

Answer: Eve Ensler
14 Which women and gender activities and experts Global Network working for Gender and climate change was started at the UNFCCC’s 9th Conference of Parties (COP) in Milan in 2003 ?
1 Green Belt Network
2 Gender CC-Women for Climate Justice
3 Acao Democratica Feminia Gaucha
4 Nekabaru Change Network

Answer: Gender CC-Women for Climate Justice
15 Which one of the following thinker’s said “within the family, he is the bourgeois and the wife represents the proletariat” ?
1 G.B. Shaw
2 Rosa Luxemberg
3 Frederick Engels
4 Clara Zetkins

Answer: Frederick Engels

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