19 ITBP Officials conferred with Police Medals on 73rd Independence Day

19 ITBP officials have been announced to be conferred with Police Medals on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day, 2019, 05 of them would be conferred with Police Medals for Gallantry, 04 with President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service while 10 would be conferred with Police Medal for Meritorious service.

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(I) Police Medal for Gallantry (PMG):-

 1. Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Dy. Commandant, 44th Battalion, ITBP

 2. Sh. Jitender, Inspector (GD), 44th Battalion, ITBP

 3. Sh. Sukhdev Donkari, Head Constable (GD), 44th Battalion, ITBP

 4. Sh. Anil Negi, Constable (GD), 44th Battalion, ITBP

 5. Sh. Mahesh Kumar, Constable (GD), 44th Battalion, ITBP

These 5 ITBP men of 44th Battalion ITBP have been awarded with Police Medal for Gallantry for displaying exemplary valour and extra ordinary courage in a naxal encounter that took place on 25 October, 2017 in the Jungles of Kamkasur and Kopankarka in Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh. After a night long encounter, 3 Naxal PLGA LOS Commanders/Area Committee members namely- Rakesh Dugga, Mahesh Potavi and Ranjeet Nureti carrying rewards of 5, 5 and 3 Lac were gunned down by Sh Rajesh Kumar, Dy Commandant, Inspector Jitendra, Head Constable Sukhdev Donkari, Constable Anil Negi, and Constable Mahesh Kumar of 44th Battalion ITBP.

(II) President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service:-

1. Sh. Bhabatosh Sinha, DIG, Central Frontier, ITBP

2. Sh. Jaipal Yadav, DIG, SHQ (L&C)

3. Sh. Rabindra Pandey, DIG (Engineer), Northern Frontier, ITBP

4. Sh. Balraj Singh, SM, 49th Bn, ITBP

(III) Police Medal for Meritorious Service:-

1. Sh. Shashi Bhushan Sharma, DIG, NW Frontier, ITBP

2. Sh. Raj Kishor Sah, DIG, Signal Trg. School, ITBP

3. Sh. Mahesh Kalawat, Commandant (Engineer), FHQ, ITBP

4. Sh. Dhirendra Singh Negi, Second-in-Command, FHQ, ITBP

5. Sh. Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Dy. Commandant, 22nd Bn, ITBP

6. Smt. Bhanita Timungapi, Assistant Commandant, SHQ (Dibrugarh), ITBP

7. Sh. Rajendra Singh, Inspector, NE Frontier, ITBP

8. Sh. Ombir Singh, Inspector, CTC, ITBP

9. Sh. Babu Lal, Inspector, 31st Bn, ITBP

10. Sh. Sate Singh Bisht, ASI, ITBP Academy (Mussoorie)

SS Deswal, DG, ITBP has conveyed his congratulations to the medalists.

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