China launched a space rocket from the sea for the first time on 5 June

China launched a space rocket from the sea for the first time on 5 June 2019.  With this China will be the third nation to successfully demonstrate the ability to launch satellites into orbit from a floating platform following the U.S. and Russia.
In the operation, March 11, a Long rocket was launched from a ship in the Yellow Sea.

The first ever seaborne launch technology aims to meet the growing launch demand of low inclination satellites. It is also expected to help China provide launch services for countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative

The rocket carried two experimental satellites and five commercial satellites. The experimental satellites will monitor ocean winds to set up  all-weather monitoring of ocean wind fields and improve typhoon monitoring and accuracy of the weather forecast in China. It was built by the China Academy of Space Technology in Beijing.
Experimental satellites:
1. Bufeng-1A
2. Bufeng-1B
Commercial satellites:
1. Earth-imaging cubesat – 1
2. Tianqi-3, an experimental communications satellite 
3,4. China’s first Ka-band communications satellites- Two satellites
5. New satellite for China’s Jilin-1 remote-sensing satellite constellation
The seaborne test along with its ambitious plans for missions to the moon and beyond has made China a major space power.

China’s space exploration:
China is the first nation to land a rover on the far side of the moon. It also plans to build a research base on the lunar surface. The country also plans to send a probe to Mars and build a space station in Earth orbit.
In 2003, China became the third nation to have the capability of launching humans into space.
China is one of the leading country in launching a number of satellites from its launch stations on land.

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