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Eight African cheetahs to land in Jaipur on Friday: UPSC Daily Important Topic | 21 September 2022

Eight African cheetahs to land in Jaipur on Friday-

✓8 cheetahs from Namibia will depart from the capital Windhoek in a chartered flight and land in Jaipur this week.

● Relocating cheetahs:

✓They will be transported in a helicopter to the Kuno National Park (KNP).

✓They will be released into a dedicated, ‘quarantine enclosure’ under the watch of the PM.

✓The Kuno National Park can support up to 20 cheetahs and with restoration this number can go up to 40 individuals.

● Protection to Cheetahs:

✓Cheetahs will initially be in quarantine enclosures for about a month and then moved to 6-square kilometre predator-proof, holding facilities.

✓This enclosure will also host live prey.

✓In a few months, the cheetahs will be released into the wild.

✓Radio collared to track their movements via GPS

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