Government Initiatives on River Ganga: UPSC Daily Important Topic | 12 November 2022

Government Initiatives on River Ganga

✓Ganga Action Plan: It was the first river action plan to improve the water quality by the interception, diversion and treatment of domestic sewage.

The National River Conservation Plan is an extension to this plan, which aims at cleaning the Ganga River under the Ganga Action Plan phase-2.

✓National River Ganga Basin Authority: It was formed in the year 2009 under Section-3 of the Environment Protection Act 1986.

✓Clean Ganga Fund: In 2014, it was formed for cleaning up of the Ganga, setting up of waste treatment plants and conservation of biotic diversity of the river.

✓Bhuvan-Ganga Web App: It ensures the involvement of the public in the monitoring of pollution entering into the river Ganga.

✓Ban on Waste Disposal: In 2017, the National Green tribunal  (NGT) banned the disposal of any waste in the Ganga.

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