Indian Institute of Science unveiled its new logo

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) unveiled its new logo, 67 years after the first logo/seal was hand-drawn. Students and faculty stood in a human formation in front of the main building, outlining the shape of the new logo. However, most students were unhappy with the manner in which the logo was finalised.

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In a three-hour online poll conducted by the student council on Monday, 90 percent of 2,800 students said they did not want the new logo. A committee of professors worked on the logo with the branding company. They will also be developing a brand manual. “Lot of engagement has happened with various stakeholders over the past two years but we could not reach out to everyone,” said IISc director Prof Anurag Verma.

Talking about the new logo, Kaushal Verma, in-charge of branding committee said, “The old seal will remain on degree certificates, transcripts and MoUs. The old crest has been modified.”

In the public discussion that followed the presentation of the new logo, a student from the crowd said, “At least one representative from the student council should have been consulted when the logo was finalised. This is terribly discriminatory to the student population.”

Some said it was not appealing, pointing out its similarity to the logo used by a detergent brand. To express displeasure, one student was seen sporting a printout of the detergent company logo stuck onto his T-shirt.

A student who did not wish to be named said, “We found out about it when we saw some of the new students carrying ID cards with the logo.”

Responding to complaints from the students in the audience, Kaushal Verma said, “800 students were e-mailed in July last year regarding the new logo creation. We took inputs from as many stakeholders and went ahead.”

When asked about plans of Indian Institute of Science to help students with their mental health, Director Prof Anurag Verma told the media on the sidelines of the event that two part-time psychiatrists and one full-time psychiatrist will be brought on board. “Every year, we plan to hold a week-long workshop in every department to address mental health as an issue. This time we have included a questionnaire regarding mental health as well, so students do not have the hesitation to speak up,” Verma said.

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