Iran might break the 2015 nuclear deal because of US sanctions

Iran announced it will breach on 27 June the limit on its stockpile of enriched uranium that was set under a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. The Country had quadrupled production of the material, which is used to make reactor fuel and potentially nuclear weapons. This is because of the sacntions levied by the US government. The US has accused Iran of nuclear extortion. 
Iran urged European countries to act by protecting Iran from reinstated US sanctions. The UK, France and Germany have warned Iran not to violate the 2015 deal. The European countries have previously said they will have no choice but to reimpose their own sanctions, which were lifted in return for limits on the Iranian nuclear programme.

About 2015 Iran nuclear deal:
♦ Iran nuclear deal also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)
♦ In 2015, Iran agreed a long-term deal on its nuclear programme with the P5+1 group of world powers –the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany.
♦ Under the deal, Tehran acceded to a 10-year restriction on nuclear production.
♦ As of May 2018, there was broad consensus that Iran has abided by the agreement.
♦ On May 8, 2018, United States President Donald Trump announced the United States was withdrawing from the deal.

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