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Polio Ravivar 2023: Celebrating National Vaccination Day in India

National Vaccination Day 2023: Every year on March 16, India observes National Vaccination Day, also known as “Polio Ravivar,” to raise awareness and promote polio vaccination. National Vaccination Day is an annual event observed in various countries to promote vaccination and increase public knowledge about its significance. The day is observed on different dates in different countries, but the primary goal is to encourage people to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves from communicable diseases.

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Significance of National Vaccination Day

The importance of Indian National Vaccination Day, also known as “Polio Ravivar,” is found in its role in promoting vaccination and eradicating polio in India. Over the years, the immunization campaign proved to be a tremendous success, with India being officially declared polio-free in 2014. The effort required the involvement of government agencies, healthcare workers, volunteers, and the general public.

Today, National Vaccination Day serves as a reminder of the importance of vaccines and the critical role they play in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. It also highlights the importance of continuing to promote vaccination and ensure that everyone has access to life-saving vaccines.

History of National Vaccination Day

In India, National Vaccination Day was first observed on March 16, 1995, as a way to promote vaccination against polio. The day is also referred to as “Polio Ravivar” in Hindi. At the time, India had one of the highest rates of polio cases in the world, and the government launched a massive immunization campaign to eradicate the disease.

The campaign was successful, and India was officially declared polio-free in 2014. National Vaccination Day is still observed in India every year as a reminder of the importance of vaccination and to encourage individuals to continue to receive recommended vaccinations.

National Vaccination Day may have a different history and purpose in other countries. For example, in the United States, National Immunization Awareness Month is observed every August to highlight the importance of vaccines for people of all ages. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched this month-long campaign in 1994 to promote vaccination and improve public health.

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