Scientists has discovered a new frog species in the Northeast

Scientists from Delhi University and Wildlife Institute of India in collaboration with researchers from Indonesia and the USA has discovered a new frog species in the Northeast. 

The frog is reddish brown in colour. It has prominent dark streaks and ash grey mottling on the lateral sides. Web is absent on its feet.

Microhylid genus:
The frog has been named Micryletta aishani. It belongs to the Microhylid genus. The first known species of the genus was found in Sumatra, Indonesia. At present, the Microhylid genus has only four recognised species that are commonly known as paddy frogs.
But the new frog species that was found on the Northeast India was confirmed as a new species after detailed comparison of both DNA and morphology with all previously known species across Southeast and East Asia. The study also revealed that this kind of paddy frog might be found in Southeast regions such as Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

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