Tamil Yeoman declared State Butterfly of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Government has declared Tamil Yeoman (Cirrochroa thais) as the state butterfly of the state based on the recommendation of state forest department. With this, Tamil Nadu became the fifth state in the country to announce its state butterfly. Maharashtra was the first to declare Blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor) as its state butterfly, followed by Uttarakhand (Common peacock), Karnataka (Southern bird wings) and Kerala (Malabar banded peacock).

Tamil Yeoman

  • Its scientific name is Cirrochroa thais. It is also known as Tamil Maravan, which means warrior.
  • Habitat: It is endemic to Western Ghats. It occurs in moist deciduous, evergreen forests and along streams. It can be found in groups in large numbers at a few places
  • Features: It is tawny-coloured with a dark brown outer ring. Its size is 60-75mm. It is fast and fly straight with few wing beats and long glide.
  • Larva:  It lays eggs in vertical chain of 8-10. Larva initially stay in group below leaf and often in shady areas. They eat edges of soft tender trees.


With such declaration, butterfly becomes pride of the state after. It also helps conserve its ecosystem and paves the way for eco-tourism. It also helps people to recognize the importance of butterflies which subsequently helps in its conservation.

Other State Species of Tamil Nadu

  • State animal: Nilgiri Tahr.
  • State bird: Emerald Dove.
  • State Tree: Palm Tree.
  • State flower: Gloriosa.
  • State fruit: jack fruit.

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