Triple Talaq Bill is to be tabled in the very first session of Parliament in the NDA government

The second term ofNarendra Modi government is likely to place the controversial Triple Talaq Bill in its very first session of Parliament. The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Second Ordinance was promulgated onFebruary 21, 2019. 
An ordinance will lapse after six months of the promulgation. The bill should be passed by both sessions of Parliament within 45 days after the first sitting of Parliament.
The Modi government’s government in its first tenure has failed to get the Bill cleared in the Rajya Sabha as the Opposition opposed the criminality clause. Even after removing the clause the government could not table the Bill, owing to continuous disruptions.

The ordinance is a decree or law promulgated by a state or national governmentwithout the consent of the legislature.
Article 123 of the Constitution of India grants the President certain law-making powers to promulgate ordinances when either of the two Houses of Parliament is not in session. The governor of a state can also issue ordinances under Article 213 when the state legislative assembly is not in session.
Ordinances cease to operate either if Parliament/State assembly does not approve of them within six weeks of once both houses of the Parliament are in session, or if disapproving resolutions are passed by both Houses.

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