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Computer Arithmetic - Computer Organization Objective Questions and Answers

1 In n-bit Booth's multiplication algorithm, the largest number of operations are
A B addition and log2n subtractions
B log2n additions and log2n subtractions
C (n-1) additions and (n-1) subtractions
D none of the above

Answer: Option [D]
2 If the radix point (binary point) is fixed and assumed to be to on the right of the right most digit, the representation of such number is called
A Fixed point
B Floating point
C Radix point
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]

Fixed point



3 A 4 digit BCD number can be represented with the help of
A 10 bits
B 08 bits
C 12 bits
D 16 bits

Answer: Option [D]

16 bits

4 A microprocessor has a data bus with 64 lines and an address bus with 32 lines. The maximum number of bits that can be stored in the memory is
A 32 x 232
B 32 x 264
C 64 x 232
D 64 x 264

Answer: Option [C]

64 x 232

5 The number of minterms that a truth table of n variables has
A n2
B (n-1)2
C 2n
D 2n-1

Answer: Option [C]



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