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Introduction To PHP - Objective Interview Questions and Answers

6 PHP configuration settings are maintained in
A pws-php5cgi.reg
B php.ini
C httpd.conf
D httpd-info.conf

Answer: Option [B]
7 During PHP installation which function creates a HTML page to display records how PHP was installed ?
A phpconf()
B phpinfo()
C phprec()
D phpdisplay()

Answer: Option [B]


8 Select the incorrect statement about PHP programming language
A Classes are case-insensitive
B Functions rae case-insensitive
C Variables are case-insensitive
D Constants are case-sensitive

Answer: Option [C]

Variables are case-sensitive. i.e. $_gkseries and $_GkSeries are not same

9 In PHP programming literal is a
A Class
B Function
C Data value
D None of these above

Answer: Option [C]
10 Which class name is reserveed in PHP ?
A stdClass
B nameClass
C newClass
D None of these above

Answer: Option [A]

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