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Environmental Studies Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Environmental Studies Quiz Set 29

1 International year of Desert and desertification was observed in
1 1996
2 2006
3 1999
4 2009

Answer: 2006
2 In longitudinal zonation of stream, Rhithron refers to
1 Sédimentation accumulation zone
2 Head water zone
3 Sediment deposition zone
4 Meandering zone of the river

Answer: Head water zone
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3 Which one of the following type of faults is likely to be connected with the most dangerous earthquakes ?
1 Transform
2 Strike-slip
3 Reverse dip-slip
4 Normal dip-slip

Answer: Reverse dip-slip
4 The drainage which has streams flowing outwards in all directions from a central elevated tract is called as :
1 Dendritic drainage
2 Parallel drainage
3 Trellis drainage
4 Radial drainage

Answer: Radial drainage
5 The largest fresh water lake of the world is
1 Lake Victoria
2 Lake Superior
3 Lake Baikal
4 Great Bear Lake

Answer: Lake Superior
6 For depiction of gradation in slope, which of the following method is used in GIS ?
1 Raster GIS
2 Vector GIS

Answer: Raster GIS
7 Which of the following National Parks are declared as Tiger Reserve by National Tiger Conservation Authority of India in 2015 ?
1 Kanha and Ranthambhor National Parks
2 Sariska and Nagarahole National Parks
3 Dudhwa and Periyar National Parks
4 Kudremukh and Rajaji National Parks

Answer: Kudremukh and Rajaji National Parks
8 A species selected to represent an environmental cause and symbol for a defined habitat is called :
1 Flagship species
2 Umbrella species
3 Keystone species
4 Indicator species

Answer: Flagship species
9 Intermediate disturbance in a community result in
1 Maximum number of species
2 Minimum number of species
3 Average number of species
4 Decrease the number of species

Answer: Maximum number of species
10 Access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilization was the main objective of
1 Earth Summit
2 Millennium Development Goal
3 Nagoya Protocol
4 Montreal Protocol

Answer: Nagoya Protocol
11 Commercial vermicomposting was done by which of the following earthworm ?
1 Lumbricus terrestris
2 Dendrobaena rubidus
3 Eisenia fetida
4 Haliodrilus oculantus

Answer: Eisenia fetida
12 Which aquatic macrophyte can be considered as invasive alien species ?
1 Lotus
2 Alligator weed
3 Water ferns
4 Duck weed

Answer: Alligator weed
13 Keeling curve presents the yearly variations in the concentration of
1 Ozone
2 Methane
3 Sulfur dioxide
4 Carbon dioxide

Answer: Carbon dioxide
14 Which one of the following is not an organochlorine insecticide ?
1 Aldrin
2 Aldicarb
3 Chlordane
4 Endosulfan

Answer: Aldicarb
15 Out of vanadium, molybdenum and iron, the metals involved in nitrogenase enzyme in nitrogen fixation in soil is/are
1 vanadium and molybdenum only
2 vanadium, molybdenum and iron
3 molybdenum only
4 vanadium only

Answer: vanadium, molybdenum and iron

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