Wilkins X-ray diffraction showed the diameter of the DNA helix as

A 10A
B 20A
C 30A
D 40A
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

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A Act of 1909
B Act of 1919
C Act of 1935
D Act of 1947

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A nutrients
B inorganic materials
C minerals
D organic materials

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A High temparature
B Heavy rainfall
C Erosion
D Both [A] and [B]

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A The sun is colder at sun rise and sun-set
B At sun rise or sun-set it is nearer to the earth
C At sun rise it is fresh and at sun-set it is about to be set
D Scattering due to dust particles and air molecules causes this phenomenon.

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A Salvary glands of man
B Salvary glands of woman
C Salvary glands of all animals
D Salvary glands of Drosophila

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