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NCERT - Class 12 Biology Questions and Answers from Chapter "Evolution" | GkSeries

1 The process by which organisms with different evolutionary history evolve similar phenotypic adaptations in response to a common environmental challenge, is called
1 Natural selection
2 Convergent evolution
3 Non-random evolution
4 Adaptive radiation

Answer: Convergent evolution
2 The concept of chemical evolution is based on
1 Possible origin of life by combination of chemicals under suitable environmental conditions
2 Crystallization of chemicals
3 Interaction of water, air and clay under intense heat
4 Effect of solar radiation on chemicals

Answer: Possible origin of life by combination of chemicals under suitable environmental conditions
3 The tendency of population to remain in genetic equilibrium may be disturbed by
1 Random mating
2 Lack of migration
3 Lack of mutations
4 Lack of random mating

Answer: Lack of random mating
4 One of the important consequences of geographical isolation is:
1 Random creation of new species
2 No change in the isolated fauna
3 Preventing Speciation
4 Speciation through reproductive isolation

Answer: Speciation through reproductive isolation
5 Homologous organs indicate the
1 Convergent evolution
2 Parallel evolution
3 Common descendent
4 Natural selection

Answer: Common descendent
6 Variation in gene frequencies within populations can occur by chance rather than by natural selection. This is referred to as
1 Genetic flow
2 Genetic drift
3 Random mating
4 Genetic load

Answer: Genetic drift
7 Which one of the following sequences was proposed by Darwin and Wallace for organic evolution?
1 Overproduction, variations, constancy of population size, natural selection
2 Variations, constancy of population size, overproduction, natural selection
3 Overproduction, constancy of population size, variations, natural selection
4 Variations, natural selection, overproduction, constancy of population size

Answer: Overproduction, constancy of population size, variations, natural selection
8 A baby has been born with a small tail. It is the case exhibiting
1 atavism
2 mutation
3 retrogressive evolution
4 metamorphosis

Answer: atavism
9 Diversification in plant life appeared:
1 Due to abrupt mutations
2 Suddenly on earth
3 By seed dispersal
4 Due to long periods of evolutionary changes

Answer: Due to long periods of evolutionary changes
10 What is common to whale, seal and shark?
1 Homeothermy
2 Seasonal migration
3 Thick subcutaneous fat
4 Convergent evolution

Answer: Convergent evolution
11 Age of fossils in the past was generally determined by radio-carbon method and other methods involving radioactive elements found in the rocks. More precise methods, which were used recently and led to the revision of the evolutionary period for different groups of organisms, includes
1 study of carbohydrates/proteins in fossils
2 study of the conditions of fossilization
3 Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and fossil DNA
4 study of carbohydrates/proteins in rocks

Answer: Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and fossil DNA
12 Chemical reactions could have converted simple organic compounds into ______ for the origin of life.
1 Micromolecules
2 Nitrogen, oxygen and other gases
3 Cells
4 Macromolecules

Answer: Macromolecules
13 What is meant by the term Darwin fitness?
1 The ability to survive and reproduce
2 High aggressiveness
3 Healthy appearance
4 Physical strength

Answer: The ability to survive and reproduce
14 De Vries gave his mutation theory on organic evolution while working on -
1 Oenothera lamarckiana
2 Drosophila melanogaster
3 Pisum sativum
4 Althea rosea

Answer: Oenothera lamarckiana
15 Coacervates were experimentally produced by______.
1 Fischer and Huxley
2 Sidney Fox and Oparin
3 Urey and Miller
4 Jacob and Monod

Answer: Sidney Fox and Oparin

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