Dreikanter is a creation of

A Wave erosion
B Glacial erosion
C Wind erosion
D Wind deposition
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

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A Warehousing Corporation of India
B State Trading Corporation of India
C Food Corporation of India
D Ministry of agriculture

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A Dual judiciary
B A singe citizenship
C Three Lists in the constitution
D A Federal Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution

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A do not have habitat preference
B can eat insects
C are found both in water and on land
D appear like frog

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A Cyclonic rainfall
B Orographic rainfall
C Convectional rainfall
D Frontal rainfall

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A Industry, Trade and Transport
B Transport, Health and Banks
C Education, Industry and Agriculture
D Education, Health and Civil amenities

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A Potatoes
B Meat
C Butter
D Orange

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