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Indian Art & Culture - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | gkseries

6 Which of the following is not a stringed instrument ?
A Trumpet
B Guitar
C Sitar
D Violin

Answer: Option [A]
7 Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh was a national of
A Portugal
B U.K.
C France
D The Netherlands

Answer: Option [C]


8 Which among the following is the popular dance form of Maharashtra’s musical theatre ?
A Gatha
B Tamasha
C Nautanki
D Lavini

Answer: Option [D]
9 Where is the Swami Narayan temple, Akshar-dham located ?
A Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
B Gandhinagar, Gujarat
C Puri, Odisha
D Dwaraka, Gujarat

Answer: Option [B]
10 Which of the following is called the storehouse of world-art collections ?
A Salarjung Museum
B National Archives of India
C National Museum
D National Modren Art Gallery

Answer: Option [A]

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