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General Science Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Staff Selection Commission Exams

86 At sun rise or sun set, the sun appears to be reddish while at mid day it looks white. This is because :
A The sun is colder at sun rise and sun-set
B At sun rise or sun-set it is nearer to the earth
C At sun rise it is fresh and at sun-set it is about to be set
D Scattering due to dust particles and air molecules causes this phenomenon.

Answer: Option [D]
87 In cage of a chemical change, what is generally affected ?
A Neutron
B Nucleus
C Proton
D Electron

Answer: Option [D]


88 Who invented the Transistor ?
A Edward Jenner
B J. Whinfield and J. Dickson
C Bardeen, Shockey and Brattain
D Banting, Macleod and Best

Answer: Option [C]
89 Energy can be released by an atomic fusion when :
A They have mutual repulsion
B The atoms fused have mutual attraction
C The nuclear mass of the atom formed is less than the combined mass of the atoms fused
D The nuclear mass of the atom formed is greater than the combined nuclear mass of fused atoms

Answer: Option [C]
90 The malarial parasite is transmitted to man by :
A The ice
B The flea
C The mosquito
D The fly

Answer: Option [C]


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