The organ of the body which is likely to become diseased as a result of continued heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages is the :

A Stomach
B Intestines
C Heart
D Liver
Answer & Explanation
Option: [D]

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A Budgetary policy
B Trade policy
C Fiscal policy
D Monetary policy

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A Large Intestine
B Ileum
C Small Intestine
D Anal Canal

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A Batanetzky-1980
B Heitz and Bauer-1935
C Balbiani-1881
D Stevens and Wilson-1905

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A Syndicate Bank
B Punjab and Sindh Bank
C Punjab National Bank
D State Bank of India

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A After the first reading
B After the second reading
C After general discussion during second reading
D At any stage at the discretion of the Speaker

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