Which of the following ‘synthetic fibres’ was discovered first?

A Nylon
B Teryline
C Polythene
D Rayon
Answer & Explanation
Option: [A]

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A Budgetary policy
B Trade policy
C Fiscal policy
D Monetary policy

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A as a protest against division of Bengal
B as a protest against the massacre of Indian people at Jallianwala Bagh
C due to the failure of the British Government to introduce responsible Government in India
D with a view to improving the economic condition of the people by encouraging consumption of Indian goods

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A Reserve Bank of India
B State Bank of India
C President of India
D Government of India

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A growth of crystals
B high temperatures
C low temperatures
D None of the above

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A is not a member of the U. N. O.
B does not have a coastal line
C does not trade with other countries
D does not possess any means of international transport

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