One of the differences between plants and animals is that only plants contain:

A Cellulose
B Hydrogen
C Nitrogen
D Carbon
Answer & Explanation
Option: [A]

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A Allama Iqbal
B M.A. Jinnah
C Syed Ahmad Khan
D None of the above

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A Demand and Supply
B Government Authorities
C Buyers in the Market
D Sellers in the Market

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A Godavari
B Mahanadi
C Narmada
D Cauvery

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A The President
B The Chairman, Rajya Sabha
C The Joint-session of Parliament
D No one

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A P.G. Joshi and 1st September
B Swami Sahajananda and 1st November
C P.C. Joshi and 1st November
D Swami Sahajanand Saraswati 23rd December

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