When a lake cools to the point where it is about to freeze, the 40C water settles to the bottom because it is :

A Less dense
B More dense
C Very hot
D Very cold
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

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A Sutkagendor
B Kalibangan
C Surkotada
D Lothal

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A along the Equator
B at the North-Pole
C along the Tropic of Cancer
D along the Arctic Circle

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A Carbon dioxide
B Nitrogen
C Oxygen
D Argon

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A All states have uniform VAT for the same product
B State have discretion to fix the rate of tax within the four rates prescribed
C It will promote production efficiency of investments
D It will make our exports more competitive

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A Incomplete antigens
B Isoantigens
C Pseudoantigens
D Antibodies

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