Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set 16

1 Surya-Siddhanta, a well-known work of Indian astronomy, was written by
1 Aryabhatta I
2 Bhaskaracharya II
3 Brahmagupta
4 None of them

Answer: None of them
2 9270 silver coins of Saka-Kshatrapa Nahapana, counter-struck by Gautamiputra Satakarni, have been found from which of the following regions ?
1 Nanaghat
2 Nashika
3 Paithan
4 Ujjayini

3 Which of the following is the oldest Prakrit work ?
1 Gaudavadha
2 Karpuramanjari
3 Saptasataka (Gahasatsai)
4 Setubandha

Answer: Saptasataka (Gahasatsai)
4 Where in South India was the medical school situated of which the syllabi included the teaching of texts like Charaka Samhita and Ashtangahridaya Samhita ?
1 Kanchipuram
2 Tirumukkudal
3 Tiruvaduturai
4 Tribhuvani

5 Which of the following texts illustrates the rules of grammar while narrating the life of Rama ?
1 Balacharita
2 Ravanavadha
3 Ramacharita
4 Setubandha

6 Which Sanskrit play claims that its author was a king ?
1 Karpuramanjari
2 Pratimanataka
3 Mrichchhakatika
4 Mudrarakshasa

7 The Huna princess Avalladevi was the queen of which one of the following ?
1 Gangeyadeva
2 Karna
3 Dharmapala
4 Lakshmanasena

Answer: Karna
8 Which one of the following is the smallest Pallava ratha temple ?
1 Arjuna ratha
2 Dharmaraja ratha
3 Draupadi ratha
4 Sahadeva-Nakula ratha

Answer:Draupadi ratha
9 In which royal family men usually followed Brahmanical religion and women were Buddhists ?
1 Ikshvaku
2 Pandya
3 Pallava
4 Chola

10 Who among the following Chalukya rulers is said to have forbidden animal sacrifice in Gujarat ?
1 Bhima
2 Siddharaja
3 Kumarapala
4 Ajayapala

11 In the Sufi terminology a grant of authority by a master Sufi to his disciple to enrol murids in the silsilah was known as :
1 Khilafatnama
2 Sajjada
3 Fiqh
4 Tafsir

12 ‘While extremely punctilious in the performance of prayers and other religions rites enjoined by Islam, the Sultan was, at the same time, equally tolerant of other creeds and could participate in their religions ceremonies and festivals. He used to participate in the Hindu festival of Holi.” Identify the Sultan from the following :
1 Iltutmish
2 Balban
3 Muhammad-bin Tughluq
4 Sikander Lodi

Answer: Muhammad-bin Tughluq
13 Who gave the following arguments for undertaking his work Ma‘danu’sh Shifa-i Sikandar Shahi ? ‘First, that the Greek medicine did not suit the climate of India, and secondly, that the medicinal plants mentioned in that system were either unidentifiable or unobtainable in India.’
1 Milhana
2 Mir Masum
3 Miyan Bhuwah
4 Ali Muhammad Khan

Answer:Miyan Bhuwah
14 “Point out the state whose ruler used the title ‘Sultan over Hindu chiefs’ and also adopted the features of Iqta in the Nayankara system.
1 Amber
2 Jodhpur
3 Vijayanagara
4 Bahmani

Answer: Vijayanagara
15 The temple of Govind dev at Vrindavan was built in 1590 by
1 Birbal
2 Raja Man Singh
3 Todar Mal
4 Bir Singhdeo Bundila

Answer:Raja Man Singh

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