Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set39

1 Who among the following wrote the historical romance Deval Rani Khizr Khani ?
1 Zia-uddin Barni
2 Isami
3 Amir Khusrau
4 Hasan Nizami

Answer: Amir Khusrau
2 In Vijayanagara empire, the temples with abundant use of stone were constructed in the
1 Dravidian style
2 European style
3 Indo-Islamic style
4 Indo-Persian style

Answer:Dravidian style
3 Who invited the Chinese to help Mysorians in the production of fine quality of sugar ?
1 Shivaji
2 Hyder Ali
3 Tipu Sultan
4 Shahu

Answer:Tipu Sultan
4 Which one of the following Silsilahs suggests by name the local impact on its thoughts ?
1 Firdausia Silsilah of Bihar
2 Chishti Silsilah of Ajmer
3 Rishi Silsilah of Kashmir
4 Suhrawardi Silsilah of Multan

Answer: Rishi Silsilah of Kashmir
5 Name the Sikh Guru who supported Khusrau against Jahangir.
1 Guru Ram Das
2 Guru Harkishan
3 Guru Arjan
4 Guru Hargobind

Answer:Guru Arjan
6 Sarai Nur Mahal is known after the name of
1 Hamida Bano Begum
2 Gulbadan Begum
3 Nurjahan
4 Mumtaz Mahal

7 The lol lyrics or love verses, part of Kashmir literature, were composed by
1 Lalla Ded
2 Habba Khatun
3 Janabai
4 None of the above

Answer: Habba Khatun
8 Din-i Ilahi is misnomer of Tauhid-i Ilahi. Abul Fazl has instead used the following term :
1 Din-i Islam
2 Ain-i Ilahi
3 Ain-i Iradat-i Ghazinan
4 Tauhid-i Ghazinan

Answer:Ain-i Iradat-i Ghazinan
9 Who among the following used to accompany the Maratha army during Peshwa times ?
1 Sikhs
2 Pindaris
3 Afghanis
4 Yusufzais

10 Name the Vaishnav mystic who initrated Gadadhar into Sanyas and named him as Ramkrishna.
1 Bhairvi Brahmani
2 Shivnath Shastri
3 Tota Puri
4 Swami Bodhanand

Answer:Tota Puri
11 Who of the following led a delegation to London in 1917, demanding female franchise in India ?
1 Annie Besant
2 Sarojini Naidu
3 Subba Lakshmi
4 Ahilyabai

Answer:Sarojini Naidu
12 What was the original name of Swami Shradhanand ?
1 Lala Hansraj
2 Lala Munshi Ram
3 Lala Daudayal
4 Lala Hardayal

Answer: Lala Munshi Ram
13 At which place the Jamia Millia Islamia (National Muslim University) was established during the freedom struggle ?
1 Delhi
2 Aligarh
3 Lucknow
4 Patna

14 What was the original name of Sister Nivedita ?
1 Helen Taylor
2 Margret Noble
3 Mary Juliet
4 Anjelina

Answer: Margret Noble
15 Mahatma Gandhi was a supporter of which of the following ideas ?
1 Western Parliamentary Democratic System.
2 Capitalist Industrial Society
3 Western Science and Technology based economy
4 Popular sovereignty based on self rule.

Answer:Popular sovereignty based on self rule.

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