Library & Information Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Library & Information Science Quiz Set 42

1 Which department of the Government of India deals with Public Libraries ?
1 Department of Archaeology
2 Department of Culture
3 Department of Primary Education
4 Department of Science and Technology

Answer: Department of Culture
2 Information on Prime Minister of Bangladesh can be found in
1 International Who’s Who
2 Who’s Who in Bangladesh
3 Current Biography
4 Statesman’s Yearbook

Answer: Statesman’s Yearbook
3 ‘Eradication of Malaria in India 1990-1999’ – a report can be categorised under
1 Trend Report
2 Review Report
3 State of the Art Report
4 Research Report

Answer: Trend Report
4 “Control, Disease, Malaria, Brain” indicates that it is
1 Raw Title
2 Expressive Title
3 Kernel Title
4 Transformed Title

Answer: Kernel Title
5 A graphical representation using symbols to represent operations, data, flow, etc. is
1 Logical Chart
2 Flow Chart
3 System Flow Chart
4 Network Chart

Answer: Flow Chart
6 The 12 rules for relational database were given by
1 E.F. Codd
2 Charles Babbage
3 James Weyer
4 Tim Berners Lee

Answer: E.F. Codd
7 Impact factor is devised by
1 Eugene Garfield
2 Alan Pritchard
3 David Hume
4 Louis Brandeis

Answer: Eugene Garfield
8 People are assigned into specific organization or groups in ________ approach.
1 Top-down approach
2 Down-top approach
3 Top-bottom system approach
4 Down-top system approach

Answer: Top-down approach
9 The basic feature(s) of social software is/are :
1 Social interaction
2 Personal interaction
3 Enjoying social software
4 (A) and (C) are correct.

Answer: (A) and (C) are correct.
10 Authors of social media enjoy _______ of contents.
1 Self created contents
2 Distance measure
3 Contents from many formats
4 Contents from many languages

Answer: Self created contents
1 Masses have started using internet.
2 All have free access to internet.
3 All are technology literates.
4 Stimulation of on-line communities over the traditional communities.

Answer: Masses have started using internet.
12 The social software tools allow.
1 Easy participation
2 Quick networking
3 Consumer networking
4 Both (A) & (B)

Answer: Both (A) & (B)
13 “Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature” was brought out by
1 William Frederick
2 F.W. Lancaster
3 Van Rijsbergen
4 H.P. Luhn

Answer: William Frederick
14 The distinct characteristic(s) of digital objects are
1 Physical Medium
2 Logical process
3 Conceptual recognition and transaction
4 All the above

Answer: All the above
15 An online search in which all aspects of the records in natural language may be used as sought terms is
1 Alphabetical collateral search
2 Multi-aspect search
3 Free text searching
4 Streaming search

Answer: Free text searching

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