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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 43

1 Identify the writer who belonged to new journalism in 1960s and 1970s.
1 Tom Wolfe
2 Gerard Goggin
3 Upton Sinclair
4 J. Tuchman

Answer:Tom Wolfe
2 Paul Lazarsfeld and Robert Merton proposed ______ function of the mass media.
1 Agenda setting
2 National integration
3 Status conferral
4 Surveillance

Answer:Status conferral


3 The two-step flow theory emerged from the field of
1 Linguistics.
2 Economics.
3 Politics.
4 Legal Studies.

Answer: Politics.
4 The psychoanalytic theories of media were advocated by
1 Claude Levi-Strauss.
2 Jacques Lacan.
3 Ernesto Laclau.
4 Louis Althusser.

Answer: Jacques Lacan.
5 The communication component of the dependency paradigm is most often referred to as
1 modernization.
2 cultivation.
3 development.
4 cultural imperialism.

Answer: cultural imperialism.
6 In a priori approach, a person assumes that something is true as it is
1 intuitive.
2 creative.
3 self-evident.
4 effective.

Answer: self-evident.
7 The power of media is described as
1 harsh.
2 hard.
3 oppositional.
4 soft.

Answer: soft.
8 The most familiar of the ‘passive transmitter’ is the one which uses the metaphor of
1 relativity
2 normative prescription
3 mirror
4 institutional autonomy

Answer: mirror
9 For Marxists, mass media operate in
1 professional arena.
2 religious arena.
3 ideological arena.
4 arena of plural values.

Answer: ideological arena.
10 The liberal model of media and politics, according to Hallin and Mancini, is located in
1 Sri Lanka.
2 Mauritius.
3 Canada.
4 Brazil.

Answer: Canada.
11 Semiotic analysis regards media texts as a collection of
1 alphabets
2 words
3 questions
4 paradigms

12 The traditional scientific research is
1 inductive
2 deductive
3 non-hypothetical
4 non-theoretical

Answer: deductive
13 Yate’s correction is used in
1 factor analysis
2 discriminant analysis
3 chi-square test

Answer: chi-square test
14 The value necessary to reject a null hypothesis is identified as
1 rejection value
2 cut-off value
3 critical value
4 matrix value

Answer: critical value
15 Research questions and hypotheses are investigated with the help of statistical procedures called
1 internal tests
2 external speculations
3 arbitration
4 algorithm

Answer: algorithm

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