Fisheries Quiz | Fisheries Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 In India which of the following genera of earthworms is extensively used for vermiculture
A Eudrilus
B Pheretima
C Eudrigaster
D Pontoscolex

Answer: Eudrilus
2 Induced breeding technique is used in
A Culture fishery
B Marine fishery
C Capture fishery
D Inland fishery

Answer: Culture fishery
3 Isinglass is employed in
A Clearing of wines
B Preservation of wines
C Preparation of wines
D Distillation of wines

Answer: Clearing of wines
4 One of the following is not a benefit of vermicompost
A Reduction in microbialo activity
B increased availability of minerals
C Protection of water bodies from pollution
D increased hydration and aeration

Answer: Reduction in microbialo activity
5 Smooking is used as a technique of
A Fish preservation
B Crop harvesting
C Crystalisation of sugar
D Mushroom cultivation

Answer: Fish preservation
6 Pisciculture is rearing and production of
A Fishes
B Wool yielding animals
C Birds
D None of the above

Answer: Fishes
7 pH of vermiculture is kept at
A Near neutral
B Highly alkaline
C Alkaline
D Acidic

Answer: Near neutral
8 Inand fisheries are
A raising and capturing fishes in fresh water
B oil extraction from fish
C deep sea fishing
D capturing fishes from sea coast

Answer: raising and capturing fishes in fresh water
9 If more than single species of fish is cultured at a time, then it is called
A Polyculture
B Mori culture
C Monoculture
D Aquaculture

Answer: Polyculture
10 Identify the edible freshwater teleost
A Sharks
B Hilsa ilisha
C Rays and skates
D Catla catla

Answer: Catla catla
11 Bony armor fishes are:
A Ostracoderms
B Elasmobranchs
C Placoderms
D None of the above

Answer: Ostracoderms
12 The fish remained buried in the mud and sand is:
A Sharks
B Ostracoderms
C Hag Fishes
D Lamprey

Answer: Hag Fishes
13 Sucking mouth and rasping tongue is present in :
A Ostracoderms
B Lampreys
C Hag fishes
D Sharks

Answer: Lampreys
14 The larva of Lamprey is:
A Ammocoete
B Trochophore
C Tadpole
D Tonaria

Answer: Ammocoete
15 Cartilaginous fishes are:
A Osteichthyes
B Chindrichythyes
C Acanthodians
D Placoderms

Answer: Chindrichythyes
16 Placoid scales are present in:
A Sharks
B Hag Fishes
C Lamprey
D Salmons

Answer: Sharks
17 The lung fish found in tropical Africa is:
A Neoceratodus
B Protopterus
C Lepidosiren
D None

Answer: Protopterus
18 Which fish of the following aestivate?
A Neoceratodus
B Protopterus
C Lepidosiren
D None

Answer: Lepidosiren
19 Some elasmobranchs have modified pelvic fin for copulation called:
A Clasper
B Cloaca
C Penis
D None

Answer: Clasper
20 Elasmobranchs remove sodium chloride through:
A Gills
B Kidney
C Liver
D Rectal glands

Answer: Rectal glands

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