Fitter Quiz | Fitter Short Questions and Answers

41 Which one of the following materials for lathe cutting tools can be forged to any desired shape
A High carbon steel
B High speed steel
C Stellite
D Tungsten carbide

Answer: High carbon steel
42 Try square is used to check up an angle of
A 90°
B 60°
C 45°
D 30°

Answer: 90°
43 The angle of drill grinding gauge is
A 121°
B 124°
C 118°
D 59°

Answer: 121°
44 Angle plate slot used for
A Work aligning
B Weight reducing
C Bolts accommodating
D Weight reducing

Answer: Bolts accommodating
45 In an adjustable snap gauge, two adjustable jaws are provided on
A One side
B Both sides
C One in each side
D None of the above

Answer: One side
46 The least count of a universal bevel protractor is
A 5′
C 5”
D 0.5′

Answer: 5′
47 Helix angle is found on
A Threaded workpiece
B Taper turning attachment
C Feed rod of lathe
D Threading tool

Answer: Threaded workpiece
48 In case of steel, through which one of the following processes, there will be no increase in hardness
A Rolling
B Heating above 600°C and slow cooling
C Hammering
D Alloying with chromium

Answer: Heating above 600°C and slow cooling
49 Approximately hardness of HSS milling cutter is
A 62 HRC
B 75 HRC
C 52 HRC
D 45 HRC

Answer: 62 HRC
50 For effective cutting of steel with hand hacksaw, which one of the following coolants is suitable
A Cutting oil
B Kerosene oil
C Lard oil
D Grease

Answer: Cutting oil
51 ____ used for removing a broken tap
A Tap extractor
B Tap nut
C Tap wrench
D Tap disposer

Answer: Tap extractor
52 Made of steel rule
A Stainless Steel
B Cast iron
C Brass
D Zinc

Answer: Stainless Steel
53 Leveling bolts are used for
A Adjusting the height of machine
B Rigidity of machine
C Supporting the load for machine
D None of the above

Answer: Adjusting the height of machine
54 Center punch angle?
A 90°
B 120°
C 60°
D 30°

Answer: 90°
55 Fastening of one part of a rope to another part of the rope is known as
A Knot
B Round turn
C Loop
D Bight

Answer: Knot
56 Which type of bearing has the provision for wear adjustment
A Adjustment slide bearing
B Self aligning bush bearing
C Split bearing
D Solid bearing

Answer: Adjustment slide bearing
57 Which one of the following is the reason for torn threads while thread cutting on lathe
A Blunt tool
B Heavy depth of cut
C Insufficient side clearance
D Any one of the above

Answer: Any one of the above
58 Which is not the use of a try aquare
A Marking straight lines at 90° against an edge
B Measuring right angle
C Checking squareness
D Settings workpiece at 90°

Answer: Measuring right angle
59 Which one of the following threads, is used on mechanical jack
A Square
B Buttress
C Acme
D B.S.F.

Answer: Square
60 The least count of a vernier depth gauge is
A 0.02mm
B 0.20mm
C 0.01mm
D 0.10mm

Answer: 0.02mm