Indian Law General Knowledge Quiz | Indian Law General Knowledge Objective Type Questions & Answers

21 A police constable compels a person to remain in police station on false case of theft and allowing him to go after receiving money from him. He is liable for—
A Forgery
B Cheating
C Extortion
D Wrongful confinement

Answer: Cheating
22 Who is the Head of Criminal administration in a District?
A Superintendent of Police
B District Magistrate
C Additional District Magistrate (Administration)
D None of the above

Answer: District Magistrate
23 Which paragraphs of the U.P. Police Regulations deal with the absconding offences?
A 196 to 214
B 215 to 222
C l90 to 195
D 223 to 276

Answer: 215 to 222
24 What is the date of enforcement of the Police (U.P. Amendment) Act, 2001?
A 15 August, 2001
B 26 January, 2001
C 10 August, 2001
D 14 March, 2001

Answer: 26 January, 2001
25 Which one of the following Sections of the police Act, 1861 has not been repealed?
A Section 06
B Section 44
C Section 41
D Section 11

Answer: Section 44
26 ‘A’ finds a purse with money, not knowing to whom it belongs; he afterwards discovers that it belongs to ‘B’ and appropriates to his own use. ‘A’ is guilty of—
A Theft
B Criminal misappropriation
C Criminal breach of trust
D Cheating

Answer: Criminal misappropriation
27 Insanity is—
A Lack of free will
B Incapacity produced due to drunkenness
C Incapable of knowing the nature of act committed
D Diseased mind

Answer: Diseased mind
28 ‘A’ is cutting the wood with an axe at a place where children are playing ? The axe files off and kills a nearby child. ‘A’ is liable for—
A No offence
B Murder
C Culpable homicide
D Causing death by negligence

Answer: Causing death by negligence
29 The word ‘good faith’ is defined in the Indian Penal Code in—
A Section 44
B Section 51
C Section 52
D Section 52-A

Answer: Section 52
30 ‘A’ beat his wife. She fell down and became unconscious. Believing her to be dead and to save himself from being arrested for murder ‘A’ hanged her in the fan with rope. Postmortem report disclosed her death from hanging. ‘A’ is liable for—
A Murder
B Culpable homicide
C Hurt
D Grievous hurt

Answer: Culpable homicide
31 In which of the following offences ‘Mens rea’ is not an essential ingredient?
A Bigamy
B Robbery
C Theft
D Murder

Answer: Bigamy
32 In a dark night ‘A’ and ‘B’ were fighting. B’s wife keeping her child on her shoulder reached there for separating them. In the meantime A’s fist fell on the back of the child and the child died ‘A’ is liable for—
A Hurt
B Grievous hurt
C Culpable homicide
D Murder

Answer: Hurt

Assertion (A): ‘A’ a boy aged nine years intentionally kills ‘B’. ‘A’ is liable to be convicted.

Reason (R) : A child up to the age of 12 years is immune from criminal liability.

A Both (A) and (R) are true d (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
B Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanations of (A)
C (A) is true but (R) is false
D (A) is false but (R) is true

Answer: (A) is true but (R) is false
34 In exercise of the right of private defence of property death cannot be caused in the case of—
A Robbery
B House breaking by night
C Mischief by fire in a dwelling house
D Theft

Answer: Theft
35 ‘A’ cheats by pretending to be ‘B’, a person who is deceased ‘A’ is liable to be punished under—
A Section 420 of I.P.C.
B Section 419 of I.P.C.
C Section 418 of LP.C.
D Section 417 of I.P.C.

Answer: Section 419 of I.P.C.
36 ‘A’ incites ‘B’ to beat ‘C’. Subsequently ‘A’ reaches the place where ‘B’ is beating ‘C’. ‘A’ is liable under—
A Section 34
B Section 109
C Section 114
D Section 115

Answer: Section 114
37 ‘A’ removes B’s book from his house without his consent with the intention to return it to him if he as a friend rewards him for the return. ‘A’ is liable for—
A Theft
B Attempt to theft
C Criminal breach of trust
D Attempt to criminal breach of trust

Answer: Theft
38 In which of the following cases the Supreme Court declared Section 303 of the I.P. Code as unconstitutional?
A Sher Singh V/s State of Punjab
B Mithu V/s State of Punjab
C Bachan Singh V/s State of Punjab
D Triveni Ben V/s State of Gujarat

Answer: Mithu V/s State of Punjab
39 The case of Gian Kaur V/s State of Punjab is related to—
A Murder
B Culpable homicide
C Abetment of suicide
D Attempt to commit suicide

Answer: Attempt to commit suicide
40 Match list-I with list-II and select correct answer using the codes given below the lists—


(Section) (a) Section 463 (b) Section 445 (c) Section 441 (d) Section 503


(Offence) 1. Criminal Trespass 2. Forgery 3. Criminal intimidation 4. House-breaking Codes: (a) (b) (c) (d)
A 2 4 1 3
B 2 4 3 1
C 2 1 3 4
D 1 2 4 3

Answer: 2 4 1 3