Insurance MCQs | Insurance Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

61 Which of the following insurance companies gives the slogan Prithvi, Agni, Jal, Akash - Sab ki Surakhsa Hamare Paas?
A Life Insurance Corporation
B Oriental Insurance Company
C New India Assurance
D General Insurance Company

Answer: Oriental Insurance Company
62 Which of the following words/ terms is closely associated with the insurance business
A Archives
B Donation
C Actuary
D Quest

Answer: Actuary
63 Which is a fixed amount for a covered service in the health sector?
A Coinsurance
B Deductible
C Copay
D Health Insurance

Answer: Copay
64 A deductible is usually mentioned in
A Rupee
B Dollar
C Euro
D Pound

Answer: Dollar
65 In pursuance of which one of the following was the General Insurance Corporation of India was formed?
A General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act, 1972
B Insurance Act, 1938
C Insurance Amendment Act, 2002
D None of these

Answer: General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act, 1972
66 Which amongst the following is not an insurance company functioning in India?
A ICICI prudential
B ING Vysya
C National Securities Depository Limited
D New India Assurance company

Answer: National Securities Depository Limited
67 “A contract that pledges payment of an agreed upon amount to the person (or his/her nominee) on the happening of an event covered against” is technically known as
A Death coverage
B Life insurance
C Savings for future
D Provident fund

Answer: Life insurance
68 With which of the following did the State Bank of India enter into a joint venture agreement for undertaking general insurance business?
A New India Assurance Ltd.
B Insurance Australia Group
C Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
D Allianz

Answer: Insurance Australia Group
69 Which of the following is the regulator of insurance sector in India?

Answer: IRDA
70 The New India Assurance Company was established in 1919 by
A Dorab Tata
B G. D. Birla
C Jamunalal BajaJ
D Kamlapat Singhania

Answer: Dorab Tata