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Jainism Quiz | Jainism Objective Type Questions & Answers

21 Siddhartha had a son before he became Gautama Buddha. What was the name of his son?
A Rahul
B Subodh
C Kanishka
D Vijay

Answer: Rahul
22 first Jain council was arranged at,-
A Patliputra
B Devgiri
C Pavapuri
D Vaishali

Answer: Patliputra
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23 Who is the 23rd ‘Tirthankara‘ of Jainism?
A Rishabhadeva
B Mahavira
C Parshanath
D Arsthanemi

Answer: Parshanath
24 Who is the 24th ‘Tirthankara‘ of Jainism?
A Rishabhadeva
B Mahavira
C Parshanath
D Arsthanemi

Answer: Mahavira
25 Mahavira born in –
A 540 BC
B 640 BC
C 740 BC
D 340 BC

Answer: 540 BC
26 What is the mother name of Gautama Buddha?
A Mahamaya
B Yosadhara
C Koshaka
D Nirmaya

Answer: Mahamaya
27 Who is the founder of Jainism?
A Rishavadeva
B Arshtanemi
C Mahavira
D Gautama Buddha

Answer: Rishavadeva
28 The early Jains discarded Sanskrit and used which language to preach to common people?
A Magadhi
B Prakrit
C Pali
D Ardhamagadhi

Answer: Prakrit
29 The fundamental principle of Buddha's teachings are represented by the Four Noble Truths and the Eight fold path. Which of the following words summarize these? 1) Dhamma 2) SIla 3) Samadhi 4) Prajna
A Only 1 and 3
B Only 2, 3 and 4
C Only 1, 2and 3
D All of the above

Answer: Only 2, 3 and 4
30 Jain monastic establishments or shrines and temples are called
A Basadi
B Chaitya
C Mandir
D Tirth

Answer: Basadi
31 Who is considered as the Buddha who will come in the future?
A Sakhamuni
B Maitreya
C Kasyapa
D Kanakamuni

Answer: Maitreya
32 Which of the following symbols are correctly matched with their meanings in regards to early sculptors and Buddhism? 1) Empty Seat --------- Mahaparinibbana 2) Stupa ------------------ Meditation of Buddha 3) Wheel ------------------ First sermon
A Only 2
B Only 1 and 2
C Only 3
D All of the above

Answer: Only 3
33 The first woman to be ordained as a bhikkhuni is
A Sujata
B Amrapali
C Gotami
D Yasodhara

Answer: Gotami
34 The first Jain Council was convened at
A Rajagriha
B Pataliputra
C Vallabhi
D Kharvela

Answer: Pataliputra
35 Which of the following statement/s is/are correct regarding the Tripitakas? 1) Sutta Pitaka provides the principles of Buddhism. 2) Vinaya Pitaka explains the Buddhist religious philosophy. 3) Abhidhamma Pitaka provides the rules and regulations of the Buddhist Sangha.
A Only 1 and 2
B Only 1
C Only 2
D All of the above

Answer: Only 1
36 Which of the following are reasons for decline of Buddhism in India? 1. Invasions from Central Asia 2. Rise of Vedanta movement 3. Hinduism's adaptation to Buddhism 4. Adoption of Sanskrit by Buddhist monks and Scholars
A 1,2,3
B 1,3,4
C 2,3
D All

Answer: All
37 Consider the following statements 1. Fourth Buddhist Council was held at Kashmir 2. It was presided by Vasumitra helped by Asvaghosha. 3. In the fourth council Buddhism was divided into Hinyan and Mahayan Which of the above statements is/are correct?
A 1,2
B 2,3
C 1,3
D All

Answer: All
38 Ashtang Marg is central theme of which religion?
A Jainism
B Buddhism
C Hinduism
D Sikhism

Answer: Buddhism
39 Modi offered prayers at Mahabodhi tree in Sri Lanka, the tree which grew from the branch of the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya. Who amongst the following brought its branch to Srilanka?
A Sangahmitra
B Ashoka
C Gautamiputra Satakarni
D Devi

Answer: Sangahmitra
40 Which of these sentences are true about the Mahayana sect of Buddhism? i) It believed in the divinity of the Buddha. ii) It arose out of Mahasanghikas. iii) Sanskrit had not become the official language yet. iv) Mahayana does not have the concept of heaven.
A i, ii and iii
B ii and iii
C i and ii
D iii and iv

Answer: i and ii
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