Ozone Depletion MCQs | Ozone Depletion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Which of the following is not the consequence of ozone layer depletion?
A Increased ultraviolet rays
B Malignant melanoma-Another form of skin cancer
C Tides
D Cyanobacteria are sensitive to UV radiation and would be affected by its increase

Answer: Tides
2 In which sphere Ozone layer depletion is found?
A Lithosphere
B Stratosphere
C Ionosphere
D None of these

Answer: Stratosphere
3 Which of the following is a prime health risks associated with greater UV radiation through the atmosphere due to depletion of ozone layer?
A Increased skin cancer
B Neurological disorder
C Damage to digestive system
D Increased liver cancer

Answer: Increased skin cancer
4 What is the average concentration of ozone in the ozone layer of the atmosphere?
A Less than 10ppm
B Between 10-50%
C Nearly 100%
D Greater than 90%

Answer: Less than 10ppm
5 Who discovered the ozone layer?
A Carl Sagan &G.M.B Dobson
B Carl Sagan & Charles Fabry
C Henri Buisson & Charles Fabry
D G.M.B Dobson

Answer: Henri Buisson & Charles Fabry
6 The ozone layer absorbs what range of wavelengths of the sun’s radiation?
A 200 nm – 315 nm
B 600 nm – 750 nm
C 450 nm – 570 nm
D 0.80 nm – 1.50 nm

Answer: 200 nm – 315 nm
7 The ozone hole is a phenomenon that has occurred in:
A Southern temperate region
B Arctic region
C Northern temperate region
D None of the mentioned

Answer: None of the mentioned
8 The Montreal Protocol bans the production of which of the following chemical substances?
A CFCs, bromine, halons, freons
B Carbon tetrachloride, halons, trichloroethane, CFCs
C CFCs, halons, freons
D Chlorine, bromine, CFCs, freons

Answer: Carbon tetrachloride, halons, trichloroethane, CFCs
9 Which of the following action takes place in the formation of ozone?
A Action of daylight on phosphorous
B Action of daylight on nitrogen
C Action of daylight on hydrogen
D Action of daylight on oxygen

Answer: Action of daylight on oxygen
10 Why ozone within the upper environment is important?
A It protects the earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations
B Because it provides rain to the earth
C It provides good aesthetic view to the atmosphere
D It protects the earth from floods

Answer: It protects the earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations
11 What is the full form of CFCs?
A Chlorofluridcarbons
B Chlorine fluorocarbons
C Chromate fluorocarbons
D Chlorofluorocarbons

Answer: Chlorofluorocarbons
12 Which is the first place where scientist found the thinning of ozone layer?
A Atmosphere above Antarctica
B Atmosphere above Australia
C Atmosphere above India
D Atmosphere above France

Answer: Atmosphere above Antarctica
13 Which one of the following cause ozone layer depletion?
A Methyl chloroform
B Oxygen
C Mercury
D Sodium silicate

Answer: Methyl chloroform
14 The main cause of ozone depletion and the ozone hole is
A Foam-Blowing Agents
B Halocarbon Refrigerants
C Propellants
D All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above
15 Following bans the production of ozone-depleting chemicals.
A Kyoto Protocol
B Geneva Protocol
C Montreal Protocol
D None of the above

Answer: Montreal Protocol
16 Following form(s) of oxygen is (are) involved in the ozone-oxygen cycle.
A Triatomic Oxygen (O3)
B Atomic Oxygen (O)
C Diatomic Oxygen (O2)
D All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above
17 The process by which the clouds remove NO2 from the stratosphere by converting it to nitric acid in the PSC particles, which then are lost by sedimentation is called
A Denitriding
B Nitrification
C Nitriding
D Denitrification

Answer: Denitrification
18 Ozone depletion would magnify production of
A Vitamin D
B Vitamin C
C Vitamin A
D None Of These

Answer: Vitamin D
19 Montreal Protocol was signed in
A 1987
B 1986
C 1988
D 1989

Answer: 1987
20 Following is used as refrigerant in automobile
A R-134c
B R-134b
C R-134a
D All of the above

Answer: R-134a