Punjab History Quiz | Punjab History Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Where is the “Gurudwara Ber Sahib” situated?
A Tarantaran
B Nankana sahib
C Sultanpur
D Amritsar

Answer: Sultanpur
2 Who was the composer of the “Asa Di Vaar”?
A Guru Nanak
B Guru Angad
C Guru Ramdass
D Guru Arjan

Answer: Guru Nanak
3 Which of the following Gurus composed the “Japuji Sahib”?
A Guru Ramdass
B Guru Angad
C Guru Nanak
D Guru Amardass

Answer: Guru Nanak
4 Which Guru Sahib’s birth place is Talwandi Saabo, which is now in Pakistan?
A Guru Amardass
B Guru Angad
C Guru Nanak
D Guru Ramdass

Answer: Guru Nanak
5 Which had been the distinguished industry in Punjab during the 16th century?
A Agriculture
B Textile Industry
C Animal Husbandry
D None of these

Answer: Textile Industry
6 Which are the main two difficulties in writing of the Punjab history?
A Lack of reliable sources
B Religious fanaticism of the Muslim writers
C Indolence of the Punjabies
D Lack of reliable sources and religious fanaticism of the Muslim Writers

Answer: Lack of reliable sources and religious fanaticism of the Muslim Writers
7 When was the first battle of Panipat fought?
A In April 21, 1524 AD
B In April 21, 1526 AD
C In April 26, 1526 AD
D In September 26, 1526 AD

Answer: In April 21, 1526 AD
8 Who had been the founder of the Bhakti movement?
A Guru Nanak Dev Ji
B Guru Arjan Dev Ji
C Guru Gobind Singh Ji
D Guru RamDas Ji

Answer: Guru Nanak Dev Ji
9 How many times did Babur attack Punjab in all?
A Four times
B Six times
C Three times
D Five times

Answer: Five times
10 When did Babur attack Punjab for the first time?
A In 1539
B In 1516
C In 1519
D In 1529

Answer: In 1519
11 Which of the ‘Sakhies’ is considered as to be the most reliable?
A Bhai Mani Singh’s Janam Sakhi
B Ancient Janam Sakhi
C Sakhi, by Meharban
D The Janam Sakhi by Bhai Bala

Answer: Ancient Janam Sakhi
12 Who composed the Ratnawali ?
A Bhai Veer Singh
B Meharban Ji
C Bhai Mani Singh
D Bhai Bala

Answer: Bhai Mani Singh
13 Who did introduce the coins of the Sikhs?
A Maharaja Ranjit Singh
B Banda Singh Bahadur
C Ahmed Shah Abdali
D None of these

Answer: Banda Singh Bahadur
14 How many compositions have been included in the Dasam Granth?
A 18
B 16
C 10
D 12

Answer: 10
15 When was Punjab merged into the British territory?
A In 1849 AD
B In 1876 AD
C In 1842 AD
D In 1843 AD

Answer: In 1849 AD
16 Which languages is the ‘Jafarnama’ available in?
A Persian and Hindi
B Punjabi and Persian
C Punjabi and English
D All of these

Answer: Punjabi and Persian
17 Which Guru is the Dasam Granth related to?
A Guru Nanak Dev Ji
B Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
C Guru Arjan Dev Ji
D Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Answer: Guru Gobind Singh Ji
18 was the last sultan of the Lodhi dynasty?
A Ibrahim Lodhi
B TatarKhan Lodhi
C Bahlol Khan Lodhi
D Sikandar Lodhi

Answer: Ibrahim Lodhi
19 Who had been the ruler of Punjab in the beginning of 16th century?
A Bahlol Khan Lodhi
B Sikander Lodhi
C Daulat Khan Lodhi
D Ibrahim Lodhi

Answer: Daulat Khan Lodhi
20 How many Muslim educational centers were there in Punjab in the early 16th century?
A Four
B One
C Two
D Five

Answer: Four