Punjab History Quiz | Punjab History MCQs and Answers

81 Who had been the successor of Guru Nank Dev Ji?
A Guru Amar Dass Ji
B Guru Angad Dev Ji
C Guru Ram Dass Ji
D None of these

Answer: Guru Angad Dev Ji
82 The “Bara Mah” composition is that of
A Guru Arjan Dev Ji
B Guru Nanak Dev Ji
C Guru Amar dass Ji
D Baba Bulle Shah Ji

Answer: Guru Nanak Dev Ji
83 In which year was District planning and development board established?
A 1987
B 1990
C 1980
D 1985

Answer: 1987
84 What did Guru Nanak Dev Ji preach to the public on his arrival to kartapur?
A To do labour work
B To meditate in God’s name
C To adopt agriculture
D To do business

Answer: To do labour work
85 What did Guru Nanak Dev Ji preach to the public?
A Earn by sweat and share with others
B Rob others of their money and be cruel
C Observe Starvation
D Eat and do nothing

Answer: Earn by sweat and share with others
86 When did Guru Nanak Dev Ji leave this mortal world?
A In 1696 AD
B In 1598 AD
C In 1539 AD
D In 1421 AD

Answer: In 1539 AD
87 How many years towards the last days of his age did Guru Ji spend in Kartapur Rakuba?
A 18 years
B 2 years
C 10 years
D 20 years

Answer: 18 years
88 Which Bani is that, where the discussion among the yogies from Achal Vatale has been registered?
A Alahunian
B Soheley
C Siddh Goshat
D Jap

Answer: Siddh Goshat
89 Where did the Pandit, named kajug use to live?
A Malik Bhago
B Haridwar
C Jagannath puri
D Delhi

Answer: Jagannath puri