SI Unit Quiz | SI Unit Objective Type Questions & Answers

21 Basic unit of thermodynamic temperature, is
A degree fahrenheit
B degree centigrade
C degree kelvin
D degree absolute

Answer: degree kelvin
22 N-s/m2 is used in S.I. system for
A Kinematic viscosity
B Dynamic viscosity
C Mass density
D Weight density.

Answer: Dynamic viscosity
23 In SI system, the unit of temperature, is
A Degree centigrade
B Degree Celsius
C Kelvin
D Degree Fahrenheit

Answer: Kelvin
24 The SI unit of the force is
A Newton
B Kilogrames
C Joule
D Erg

Answer: Newton
25 In S.I. system, symbol for the specific weight is
A kg/m3
B N/m3
C N/m2
D none of these

Answer: N/m3
26 Stress in SI units is expressed in
A kg per sq cm
B kg per sq mm
C Newton per sq mm
D Newton per sq m

Answer: Newton per sq m
27 Joule or Newton metric is used for
A Work
B Torque
C Energy
D All the above

Answer: All the above
28 One Newton is equivalent to
A 0.10197 kgf
B 0.20197 kgf
C 9.80665 kgf
D 0.97125 kgf

Answer: 0.10197 kgf
29 The S.I. unit of Modulus of elasticity is
A Newton/m2
B Newton/cm2
C Newton/mm2
D all the above.

Answer: all the above.
30 m2/s is used in S.I. system for
A Surface tension
B Kinematic viscosity
C Pressure
D Power.

Answer: Kinematic viscosity
31 The bar used for defining the standard metre at the International office of weights and measures at Sevres near Paris, is composed of
A 50% platinum and 50% iridium
B 60% platinum and 40% iridium
C 80% platinum and 20% iridium
D 90% platinum and 10% iridium

Answer: 90% platinum and 10% iridium
32 The fundamental units in S.I. System are :
A Centimetre, gram, second
B Foot, pound, second
C Metre, kilogram, second
D Kilometre, kilogram, minute

Answer: Metre, kilogram, second
33 The unit kg/m3 is used for
A force
B density
C volume
D pressure

Answer: density
34 Candela (Cd) is used to express
A luminous intensity
B electric current intensity
C power
D frequency.

Answer: luminous intensity

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