Solar Energy Quiz | Solar Energy Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 The angle made by the plane surface with the horizontal is known as
A Latitude
B Slope
C Surface azimuth angle
D Declination

Answer: Slope
2 Beam radiations are measured with
A Anemometer
B Pyrheliometer
C Sunshine recorder
D All of the above

Answer: Pyrheliometer
3 Solar radiation flux is usually measured with the help of a
A Anemometer
B Pyranometer
C Sunshine recorder
D All of the above

Answer: Pyranometer
4 The zenith angle is the angle made by the sun’s rays with the ____ to a ______ surface.
A normal, horizontal
B tangent, horizontal
C normal, vertical
D tangent, vertical

Answer: normal, horizontal
5 Global radiation =
A Direct radiation – Diffuse Radiation
B Direct radiation + Diffuse Radiation
C Direct radiation / Diffuse Radiation
D Diffuse Radiation / Direct radiation

Answer: Direct radiation + Diffuse Radiation
6 Absorption of Solar radiations at earth’s surface occur due to presence of
A Ozone
B Water vapours
C Carbon di-oxide
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above
7 The following is (are) laws of black body radiation.
A Plank’s law
B Stefan-Boltzmann law
C both (A) and (B)
D None of the above

Answer: both (A) and (B)
8 The extraterrestrial radiation flux varies by ____ % over a year.
A ± 1.1
B ± 2.2
C ± 3.3
D ± 4.4

Answer: ± 3.3
9 The value of Solar Constant is
A 1347 W/m2
B 1357 W/m2
C 1367 W/m2
D 1377 W/m2

Answer: 1367 W/m2
10 The sun subtends an angle of _____ minutes at the earth’s surface.
A 22
B 32
C 42
D 52

Answer: 32
11 In the paraboloid dish concept, the concentrator tracks the sun by rotating about
A One axes
B Two axes
C Three axes
D None of the above

Answer: Two axes
12 Which of the following type of collector is used for low temperature systems?
A Flat plate collector
B Line focussing parabolic collector
C Paraboloid dish collector
D All of the above

Answer: Flat plate collector
13 The following type of energy is stored as latent heat
A Thermal energy
B Chemical energy
C Electrical energy
D Mechanical energy

Answer: Thermal energy
14 Maximum efficiency is obtained in
A Flat plate collector
B Evacuated tube collector
C Line focussing collector
D Paraboloid dish collector

Answer: Paraboloid dish collector
15 The efficiency of various types of collectors ______ with _______ temperature.
A increases, decreasing
B decreases, increasing
C remains same, increasing
D depends upon type of collector

Answer: decreases, increasing
16 The collection efficiency of Flat plate collector can be improved by
A putting a selective coating on the plate
B evacuating the space above the absorber plate
C both (A) and (B)
D None of the above

Answer: evacuating the space above the absorber plate
17 A liquid flat plate collector is usually held tilted in a fixed position, facing _____ if located in the northern hemisphere.
A North
B South
C East
D West

Answer: South
18 The following is indirect method of Solar energy utilization
A Wind energy
B Biomass energy
C Wave energy
D All of the above

Answer: Geomorphology
19 The power from the sun intercepted by the earth is approximately
A 1.8 x 108 MW
B 1.8 x 1011 MW
C 1.8 x 1014 MW
D 1.8 x 1017 MW

Answer: 1.8 x 1011 MW
20 Direct Solar energy is used for
A Water heating
B Distillation
C Drying
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above