Spreadsheet Quiz | Spreadsheet Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 In a spreadsheet, letters are used to represent _____________
A Columns
B Blocks
C Rows
D Cells

Answer: Columns
2 A numeric data analysis tool that allows us to create a computerized ledger.
A Mathematical Package
B Graphics package
C Spreadsheet package
D Word processing package

Answer: Spreadsheet package
3 ______________ help us to see patterns.
A Charts
B Graphs
C Spreadsheets
D Calculations

Answer: Charts
4 In a computer spreadsheet, to choose built in function we used is
A defined function
B function finder
C built in function
D paste function

Answer: paste function
5 In a computer spreadsheet, tool used to construct formulas is called
A formula bar
B filter
C auditing toolbar
D format printer

Answer: formula bar
6 By default, worksheets that are present in a computer excel workbook are
A 10
B 4
C 3
D None

Answer: 3
7 In a computer spreadsheet, absolute cell reference can be represented as
A B3
B $B$3
C B$3
D $B3

Answer: $B$3
8 Computer spreadsheet cell that is highlighted with a heavy border is a
A active cell
B cell containing a formula
C locked cell
D cell

Answer: active cell
9 Vertical dimension of a computer spreadsheet is called
A row
B column
C record
D field

Answer: column
10 In a computer spreadsheet, block of cells is called
A range
B column
C workbook
D function

Answer: range
11 In a computer spreadsheet, which is true if current or active cell is B4 and you pressed Enter key?
A you will be in the cell A1
B you will be in the cell B5
C you will be in the cell B3
D you will be in the cell B6

Answer: you will be in the cell B5
12 In computer spreadsheet, a workbook is a group of
A many rows
B many columns
C worksheet
D least number of column

Answer: worksheet
13 Faster way to change horizontal alignment in a computer document is
A align left
B center
C align right
D all of these

Answer: all of these
14 Title bar in MS-Excel displays name of the
A worksheet
B workbook
C formula
D location

Answer: workbook
15 In a computer, cell's address that is included in range C5:E7 is
A C8
B D6
C E4
D D9

Answer: D6
16 In a computer, correct row address is
B 25
C 3B
D C5

Answer: 25
17 In a computer, if custom format is #, # # # then 1500 will be displayed as
A 150,00
B 15,00
C 1,500
D 15,000

Answer: 1,500
18 In a computer spreadsheet, a preprogrammed Formula is basically a
A function
B cell
C graph
D range

Answer: function
19 In a computer, page orientation is changed through
A page setup dialog box
B setup dialog box
C paper dialog box
D print dialog box

Answer: page setup dialog box
20 In a computer, graphics representation of data is named as
A chart
B graphics
C picture
D figure

Answer: chart

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