Stoichiometry General Knowledge Quiz | Stoichiometry General Knowledge Objective Type Questions(MCQs) & Answers

21 The reaction A + B → C has been conducted in a reactor as shown below. The numbers of balances (material) that can be made around the reactor are________________?
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4

Answer: 3
22 An equation for calculating vapour pressure is given by, log10 P = A – B(t + c). This is called the________________?
A Kistyakowsky equation
B Antoine equation
C Kopp’s rule
D Trouton’s rule

Answer: Antoine equation
23 A gas occupies a volume of 283 c.c at 10°C. If it is heated to 20°C at constant pressure, the new volume of the gas will be __________ c.c?
A 283
B 566
C 293
D 141.5

Answer: 293
24 1 BTU/lb.←°F is equivalent to ____________ kcal/kg.°C?
A 1
B 2.42
C 1.987
D 4.97

Answer: 1
25 Which of the following is insensitive to changes in pressure ?
A Heat of vaporisation
B Melting point
C Heat of fusion
D Both B. and C.

Answer: Both B. and C.
26 °API gravity of water at N.T.P. is about__________________?
A 0
B 1
C 10
D 100

Answer: 10
27 Pick out the wrong unit conversion of heat transfer rate?
A 1 kcal/hr= 1.163 Watt
B 1 Watt = 1.163 kcal/hr
C 1 BTU/ = 2.712 kcal/
D 1 kcal/ = 0.3687 BTU/ = 1.163 Watt/m2

Answer: 1 Watt = 1.163 kcal/hr
28 Othmer chart is useful in estimating the heat of_______________?
A Mixing
B Wetting
C Adsorption
D None of these

Answer: Adsorption
29 Concentration of a solution expressed in terms of _______________ is independent of temperature?
A Molarity
B Normality
C Molality
D None of these

Answer: Molality
30 Methane is mixed with stoichiometric proportion of oxygen and completely combusted. The number of additional specifications required to determine the product flow rate and composition is_______________?
A 0
B 1
C 2
D 3

Answer: 0
31 The reaction A + B → C has been conducted in a reactor as shown below. The number of boundaries around which material balance can be written, are_________________?
A 1
B 6
C 3
D 4

Answer: 4
32 Applicability of Clausius-Clapeyron Equation is subject to the condition that the __________________?
A Vapor follows ideal gas law
B Volume in the liquid state is negligible
C Both A. & B.
D Neither A. nor B.

Answer: Both A. and B.
33 A vapor whose partial pressure is less than its equilibrium vapor pressure is called a ______________ vapor?
A Saturated
B Supersaturated
C Superheated
D None of these

Answer: Superheated
34 Lower wall courses of soaking pits are made of _____________ bricks to avoid the action of molten slag & scale?
A Chrome or magnesite
B Silicon carbide
C Silica
D Low duty fireclay

Answer: Chrome or magnesite
35 Refractories used in/for ______________ should have low thermal conductivity?
A Coke ovens
B Insulation
C Regenerators
D Muffle furnaces

Answer: Insulation
36 Faster rate of drying of moulded refractories results in high ______________ of refractories?
A Green strength
B Voids
C Shrinkage
D Both B. and C.

Answer: Both B. and C.
37 Dry air is a mixture of__________________?
A Vapors
B Gases
C Both A. & B.
D Neither A. nor B.

Answer: Gases
38 For an ideal solution, the total vapor pressure varies _____________ with the composition (expressed as mole fraction)?
A Inversely
B Exponentially
C Linearly
D Negligibly

Answer: Linearly
39 The unit of specific heat at constant pressure, Cp, in SI unit is__________________?
A W/m2°C
B J/kg°K
C W/m°K
D J/m3°K

Answer: J/kg°K
40 Kopp’s rule is useful for the determination of_____________________?
A Molal heat capacities of gases
B Heat capacities of solids
C Activation energy
D Heat capacities of gases

Answer: Heat capacities of solids