What is the Curreny of Australia ?

Answer :

  • Currency of Australia is 'Australian Dollar'
  • Name of the Capital of Australia is 'Canberra'

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A enhances the food values
B makes the bread hard
C makes the bread soft and spongy
D keeps the bread fresh

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A Total cost minus total benefit for the last unit produced
B Total cost divided by total benefit for the last unit produced
C Total cost divided by quantity
D The change in total cost divided by the change in quantity

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A Jute, Cotton, Chillies
B Linseed, Castor, Turmeric
C Foodgrains, Pulses, Edible oilseeds
D Cotton, Tobacco, Sugarcane

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A Dar-es-Salaam
B Lusaka
C Kampala
D Nairobi

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A Excess Credit Supervisor
B Extra Cash Status
C Exchange Clearing Standard
D Electronic Clearing Service

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