Public Administration Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Public Administration Quiz - MCQs Set 14

1 Which of the following is incorrect about the Cabinet Ministers in U.K. ?
1 Minister’s actions should be lawful
2 Their actions are largely governed by conventions.
3 They are accountable to the Parliament.
4 Ministers are not accountable to Prime Minister for their actions.

Answer: Ministers are not accountable to Prime Minister for their actions.
2 On which of following date 73rd Constitution Amendment Act came in force ?
1 22nd December, 1992
2 1st April, 1993
3 20th April, 1993
4 24th April, 1993

Answer: 24th April, 1993
3 ‘Public Administration is detailed and systematic execution of Law.’ This statement was given by
1 Herbert A. Simon
2 John A. Veig
3 Willoughby
4 Woodrow Wilson

Answer: Woodrow Wilson
4 Minnow Brook conferences were held in which of the following university ?
1 Harward University
2 Syracuse University
3 California University
4 Yale University

Answer: Syracuse University
5 Which one of the following is relevant to the study of complex public organizations that have diversified structure ?
1 Systems Approach
2 Institutional Approach
3 Structural Approach
4 Ecological Approach

Answer: Systems Approach
6 Which one of the following is considered by Max Weber as the most powerful weapon for restraining bureaucracy ?
1 Collegiality
2 Separation of Powers
3 Direct Democracy
4 Representation

Answer: Collegiality
7 ‘Morale is a feeling, somewhat related to esprit de corps, enthusiasm or zeal’. This statement is made by
1 Filippo
2 Yoder
3 Jucius
4 McFarland

Answer: McFarland
8 Whose theory on span of control can be mathematically expressed as n(2n/2 + n – 1), where n stands for the number of subordinates reporting directly to the supervisor ?
1 Sir Ian Hamilton
2 Lyndall Urwich
3 V.A. Graicunus
4 J.D. Mooney

Answer: V.A. Graicunus
9 Which one of the following is not a characteristic of the Scanlon plan ?
1 It is a philosophy of management based on theoretical assumption consistent with theory Y.
2 It has a feature of loss reduction.
3 It supports effective participation.
4 It helps to understand manager’s behaviour.

Answer: It helps to understand manager’s behaviour.
10 Which one of the following needs is placed at the top of Hierarchical needs in the Maslow’ revised eight stage model during 1970s ?
1 Self-Actualization needs
2 Aesthetic needs
3 Transcendence needs
4 Cognitive needs

Answer: Transcendence needs
11 Prime Minister’s Office (P.M.O.) is headed by
1 Prime Minister of India
2 Cabinet Secretary
3 Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister
4 National Security Advisor

Answer: Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister
12 Which of the following statement regarding The Estimates Committee of Parliament is not correct ?
1 The term of the Estimates Committee is one year.
2 All its members are from the Lok Sabha.
3 The ministers can be the members of the Estimates Committee.
4 The chairperson of the Committee is appointed by the speaker from its members

Answer: The ministers can be the members of the Estimates Committee.
13 The Comptroller and Auditor General of India can be removed by
1 President of India
2 Prime Minister
3 Supreme Court of India
4 Parliament

Answer: Parliament
14 Which of the following commission/committee suggested the constitution of the office of Ethics Commissioner by each House of Parliament ?
1 Santhanam Committee
2 Ethics Committee of the Rajya Sabha
3 First Administrative Reforms Commission
4 Second Administrative Reforms Commission

Answer: Second Administrative Reforms Commission
15 Under which one of the following articles of Indian Constitution the Governor of a State enjoys certain immunities ?
1 Article 301
2 Article 341
3 Article 321
4 Article 361

Answer: Article 361

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