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APSC Important Questions & Answers on Education Optional Paper for Prelims | GkSeries

1 The word ‘Shiksha’ is derived from__ word
1 Arabic
2 Pali
3 Sanskrit
4 Urdu

Answer: Sanskrit
2 ‘Education’ as a ‘tripolar process’ was described by
1 Sir John Adams
2 John Dewey
3 Prof. Drever
4 None of them

Answer: John Dewey
3 Which one of the following is the universal objective of education?
1 Liberation
2 Vocation
3 Character
4 Total development

Answer: Total development
4 The word ‘Education’ has a/an
1 Greek deviation
2 Latin deviation
3 German deviation
4 English deviation

Answer: Latin deviation
5 Non-formal education is
1 learner-dominated
2 teacher-dominated
3 system-dominated
4 dominated by examination

Answer: learner-dominated
6 Which aim of the following was advocated by Sir T. P. Nunn?
1 Vocational aim
2 Liberal aim
3 Social aim
4 Individual aim

Answer: Individual aim
7 Education in its broader sense is
1 a per-planned activity
2 a lifelong process
3 a consciously directed effort
4 None of the above

Answer: a lifelong process
8 The book Democracy and Education was written by
1 Hegal
2 Nunn
3 Dewey
4 Baldwin

Answer: Dewey
9 The aim of education that can solve the socio-economic problems including the problem of unemployment in the youth is known as
1 individual aim
2 social aim
3 vocational aim
4 liveral aim

Answer: vocational aim
10 According to which philosophy curriculum should include useful productive works, work experience, utilitarian subject?
1 Philosophy of idealism
2 Philosophy of pragmatism
3 Philosophy of naturalism
4 Philosophy of existentialism

Answer: Philosophy of pragmatism
11 In free discipline, importance is given on
1 Complete freedom
2 Restricted freedom
3 No freedom at all
4 None of the above

Answer: Complete freedom
12 The 10+2 system of education was suggested by
1 the Radhakrishnan Commission, 1948-49
2 the Mudaliar Commission, 1953-54
3 the Kothari Commission, 1964-66
4 None of the above

Answer: the Kothari Commission, 1964-66
13 School is an agency of formal education, but community is an agency of
1 Vocational education
2 Informal education
3 Distance education
4 Non-formal education

Answer: Informal education
14 The Article of the Indian Constitution which provides for universal free education up to the age of 14 is
1 Article 48
2 Article 65
3 Article 55
4 Article 45

Answer: Article 45
15 Complete denial of punishment in educational institutions is
1 acceptable
2 useful
3 harmful
4 None of the above

Answer: harmful

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