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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 1

1 Which one of the following is not a characteristic of a primary group
1 Personal orientation
2 Long term orientation
3 Relations are end in themselves
4 Relations are means to an end

Answer: Relations are means to an end
2 Which one of the following is not an element of rural community ?
1 We-feeling
2 Cultural diversity
3 Territory
4 Self-sufficiency

Answer: Cultural diversity
3 Sociology ischaracterized by a perspective that places ________ in the foreground.
1 Individual
2 Unique social events
3 Social interaction
4 Culture

Answer:Social interaction
4 When two people interact with each other, they form
1 a society
2 an institution
3 an associatio
4 a dyadic group

Answer: a dyadic group
5 Which one of the following Max Muller believed to be the earliest form of religion ?
1 Naturism
2 Monoism
3 Animism
4 Fetishism

Answer: Naturism
6 Ridicule is a
1 Social sanction
2 Social norm
3 Mores
4 Folkway

Answer: Social sanction
7 The term ‘Reference group’ was first introduced by
1 Hyman
2 Merton
3 Srinivas
4 Cooley

Answer: Hyman
8 The pivotal methodology of functionalist is
1 Conjectural history
2 Library work
3 Field work
4 Content analysis

Answer: Field work
9 To Mead the ‘generalised others’ and ‘significant others’ are the creators of
1 I
2 Me
3 Ego
4 Super ego

Answer: I
10 The collection of roles that goes with a given status is termed as
1 Multiple roles
2 Conflict of roles
3 Role set
4 Summation of roles

Answer: Role set
11 Who has written the book “urbanisation and family change”?
1 Iravati Karve
2 M.S. Gore
3 Leela Dube
4 I.P. Desai

Answer: M.S. Gore
12 Who studied the structural and functional unity of joint family in ‘Mahua’ ?
1 K.M. Kapadia
2 Neera Desai
3 I.P. Desai
4 A.M. Shah

Answer: I.P. Desai
13 Who said that the social stratification in India is based on ‘purity and pollution’ ?
1 M.N. Srinivas
2 A.R. Desai
3 Louis Dumont
4 Yogendra Singh

Answer: Louis Dumont
14 Marxian theory of change, ‘that change comes through revolution’ indicates
1 change in the existing structure.
2 change of the whole structure.
3 a partial change in the existing structure
4 a nominal change of the structural elements.

Answer: change of the whole structure.
15 The basic difference between classical and modern sociological perspectives is visible in the
1 Silent shift from macro to microtheoretical perspective
2 Radical shift from micro to macro perspective
3 Development of middle range theories
4 None of the above

Answer: Silent shift from macro to microtheoretical perspective

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