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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 26

1 Who among the following propounded the concept of ‘Latent’ and ‘Manifest’ function ?
1 E. Durkheim
2 R.K. Merton
3 B. Malinowski
4 A.R. Radcliffe-Brown

Answer:R.K. Merton
2 Who among the following made distinction between two types of conflict namely “realistic” and ‘non-realistic’ ?
1 Karl Marx
2 LewisA. Coser
3 George Simmel
4 R. Dahrendorf

Answer:LewisA. Coser
3 In which of the following sampling methods, equal number of units are selected from each substratum regardless of their strength in the population and sub-population?
1 Simple random sampling
2 Stratified random sampling
3 Proportionate stratified random sampling
4 Disproportionate stratified random sampling

Answer: Disproportionate stratified random sampling
4 Cumulative frequency curve is known as
1 Ogive
2 Histogram
3 Frequency polygon
4 None of the above

5 Who has made distinction between normal and pathological function ?
1 Radcliffe Brown
2 T. Parsons
3 E. Durkheim
4 M. Weber

Answer:E. Durkheim
6 P.A. Sorokin is noted for his distinction between
1 In-groups and out-groups
2 Primary and secondary relationism groups
3 Mechanical and organic solidarity
4 Familistic, contractual and compulsory systems of interaction

Answer: Familistic, contractual and compulsory systems of interaction
7 Who among the following was the first one to use case study method in social research
1 E. Durkheim
2 Frederic Le Play
3 Herbert Spencer
4 Karl Marx

Answer:Frederic Le Play
8 According to Max Weber status groups are identified by
1 Education
2 Styles of life
3 Occupation
4 Family background

Answer:Styles of life
9 Which one of the following does not fall into sociological understanding of status ?
1 Rank
2 Prestige
3 Ego
4 Life-style

Answer: Ego
10 Relationships in a community are
1 intimate and achieved
2 durable, ascribed and impersonal
3 intimate, achieved and durable
4 intimate, durable and ascribed

Answer:intimate, durable and ascribed
11 Which of the following are the elements of association ?
1 Impersonal, competitive, enduring relationships
2 Contractual, individualistic, calculative relationships
3 Personal, enduring, contractual relationships
4 Affective, spontaneous, competitive relationships

Answer:Contractual, individualistic, calculative relationships
12 Who one among the following sociologists does not belong to French School of Sociology
1 Auguste Comte
2 Emile Durkheim
3 B. Charles Montesquieu
4 V. Pareto

Answer:V. Pareto
13 Caste is an example of ______
1 Achieved Status
2 Role Conflict
3 Status Consistency
4 Ascribed Status

Answer:Ascribed Status
14 Who has written the book, ‘The Death of the Family’ ?
1 E. Leach
2 D. Cooper
3 W.J. Goode
4 G.P. Murdock

Answer: D. Cooper
15 Sociology is characterised by a perspective that places which one of the following in the foreground ?
1 Individual
2 Culture
3 Social interaction
4 Unique social events

Answer:Social interaction

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