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Group of 4 bits forms a

A Byte
B Nibble
C Gigabyte
D Terabyte

Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option [B]

Random GK Questions

A unmodulated
B velocity modulated
C Amlitude modulated
D frequency modulated

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A Voluntary idleness
B Income inequality
C Lack of cultural activities
D Lack of intelligence of the people

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A Sulphur dioxide
B Carbon monoxide
C Carbon dioxide
D Methane

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A 4 hours ahead of GMT
B 4:30 hours behind of GMT
C 5:30 hours ahead of GMT
D 5:30 hours behind of GMT

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A Ascorbic acid
B Azelaic acid
C Amino acid
D Acetic acid

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A Autotrophs
B Herbivores
C Carnivores
D Omnivores

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