A man earn Rs. 320 on the first day and spends Rs. 250 on the next day. He again earns Rs. 320 on the third day and spend Rs. 250 on the fourth day. Tf he continues to earn like that, how soon he will be have Rs. 1050 in hand?

A 15
B 29
C 30
D 31
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

On the second day he spend Rs. 250. i.e. he earns Rs. 70

On the third day he again earn Rs. 320 and spend Rs. 70. Thus he save Rs. 70 again.

Thus it is seen that he save Rs. 70 in every 2 days.

So, he earn Rs. 1050 in 1050/70 x 2 = 30 days.

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