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Environmental Science Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Page-4

31 The ambient air quality standard (24 hours average) for lead in industrial area is
A 0.65 μg/m3
B 0.75 μg/m3
C 1.0 μg/m3
D 1.5 μg/m3

Answer: Option [D]
32 Thinner particles responsible for deteriorating the air-quality resulting in the damage of vital body organs are referred as PM
A 15.5
B 10.5
C 2.5
D 20.5

Answer: Option [C]


33 The Particulate Matter (PM-10) exhaled from the polluted atmosphere is often filtered out during the process of
A Coughing
B Sneezing
C Both (A) and (B)
D Urination

Answer: Option [C]
34 Acceptable “Noise Pollution Level” in India range between:
A 16-35 dec
B 40-45 dec
C 70-100 dec
D 10-15 dec

Answer: Option [B]
35 Transboundary pollution (or) Acid rain is caused by:
A Hydrocarbon
B Carbon dioxide
C Carbon monoxide
D Nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide

Answer: Option [D]
36 Air quality depicting PM-2.5 is more hazardous to
A Old Men and Women
B National Parks
C Botanical Gardens
D Archaeological Monuments

Answer: Option [A]
37 Which of the following organisms is most likely to produce greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide and methane?
A Bacteria
B Fungi
C Green plants
D Earthworm

Answer: Option [C]
38 Human Environment Conference-1972 was held at
A Paris
B Geneva
C Stockholm
D Australia

Answer: Option [C]
39 Of the following man-made disasters, which is socially induced?
A Arson
B Ozone depletion
C Debris Avalanche
D Salt Water Intrusion

Answer: Option [A]
40 The ambient air is stable when the ambient lapse rate is
A Neutrally stable
B Sub-adiabatic
C Hyper-adiabatic
D Super-adiabatic

Answer: Option [B]

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