Arunachal Pradesh: New species of dung beetle found in Tawang

A new species of dung beetle discovered in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang district.
The new discovery named ‘Enoplotrupes tawangensis’ is a 27-mm-long insect, relatively bigger than most dung beetles.
The shining dark blue insect was first examined by two scientists from the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) — Kailash Chandra and Devanshu Gupta. 
Czech scientist David Král confirmed that he found a similar specimen from Bhutan which borders the frontier state.
Dung beetles feed exclusively or partially on feces. 
They belong to the super family called ‘Scarabaeoidea’ and have clubbed antennae and pro-tibiae (pro-legs) modified for burrowing dung inside the soil.
The species plays an important in agriculture and tropical forests. 
They bury and consume dung and in turn improves nutrient recycling and soil structure. 
Further, they also help in seed dispersal and protect livestock from pests by removing dung from nearby.

About Arunachal Pradesh
Capital: Itanagar
Chief minister: Pema Khandu
Official languages: English;
Population: 12.6 lakhs

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